1. It’s possible to recruit both Issac and Vic in 1 play through. You’ll need Vic’s mission and Captain Logan’s 2nd mission available at the same time. Start Vic’s mission, Once you find Issac near the grill masters house, tell him you’ll tell Vic he’s dead. Report to Vic and tell the truth “Issac wants you to tell him he’s dead”. Agree to recruit Vic, and head to Captain Logan. Start Logan’s mission and recruit him as a follower. Vic should head to your base immediately, his mission will expire, then reopen to start over. Take Logan to Vic and start the mission over again. 2nd time just tell Vic Issac is dead and recruit Issac. Hope this helps, cheers

  2. Mayans has run its course. There's not much left here and Sutter hasn't done much in years.

  3. i saw he’s doing a show called the abandons

  4. i just watch for aaron at this point 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. Yeah. He is the best. I like Billy too, but Aaron is my favorite. The episode where there was a stray dog around the building they were investigating, and Billy took her to the vet and then adopted her was all I needed to see about him.

  6. Very true. Though deep down, I think Tara and Jax were always doomed in some form because of Gemma. Tara was never going to permanently stay in Charming with the kids - especially after the Cartel shit went down. And Gemma would always be opposed to that.

  7. i think things were going in the right direction but you right. tara always wanted out, and if gemma don’t like it then it’s not happening, one way or another lol but idk tbh had the letter thing not happened and tara not find out about John, she might have learned to live with the club. (if everything wasn’t constantly so violent)

  8. Tara being content in S4 was based on Jax promising her that they were leaving. She wasn’t down with the headless bodies and threats of being blown up by the Cartel, her and Jax had that argument before her hand was crushed. The silver lining was Jax being hellbent on leaving until the letters and RICO threat. But Gemma would’ve found some other way.

  9. i’m not quite there yet, i mean i’ve seen it and i know that happens but where i’m at rn, it’s not that bad so i was only speaking on where i am. but i understand what you’re saying.

  10. it was her boyfriend it took place with. it was kinda spur the moment. and she expressed feeling a little uncomfortable afterwards. (we all consented & wanted to beforehand) i never pushed for her man after, nothing like that. i acted the exact same way after as i did before it happened. we’re still “friends”, no ill feelings, just isn’t the same as before

  11. Oh right, you were the third. That's unfortunate the way it worked out, not very fair

  12. i guess i should have specified lol but yeah definitely unfortunate. and not much to do besides apologize, you know?

  13. They didn’t actually go to Ireland so no lol. The arc was just a boring detour and its purpose was just so Maureen could widen the rift between Jax and Gemma.

  14. they did film some in ireland, and kurt said he used ireland as a “flashback” since he didn’t really do any of those on the show. i kinda didn’t mind ireland after the second time thru to understand it.

  15. I have to agree the first time watching the show I hated the Ireland stuff I’ve watched it a few times through now and it really isn’t as bad as I remembered it and I don’t mind it at all anymore

  16. yeah the first time thru was tough, & it felt super slow until the end

  17. i remember him asking chibs about the rules and chibs says “when you start picking and choosing rules to follow this whole thing falls apart” or something like that lol i think that’s why he didn’t. it would have been a complexity different story had he just said something. and i don’t think juice would have spiraled had it never took place

  18. i just finish s3 and i forgot what perfection the finale is

  19. it was broken down before in this sub before, i’d have to look lol

  20. on a similar subject; didn’t clay literally do the same thing mcgee did, just with the galindo cartel??

  21. The difference was Clay took it to the table and the charter voted it in. Also McGee and Liam were backstabbing both the club and the IRA with jimmy o

  22. that’s true. i forgot it was brought to the table. i just watched the episode where clay pushes him over and mcgee said something to the effect of “doesn’t leave much of a retirement” and made me think about how clay said almost the exact same thing lol but yeah, you’re right. i forgot it was voted

  23. Unser for sure. The rest of them, were pretty self centred assholes who only cares about themselves.

  24. that man gave up everything for his love of gemma. sad

  25. Nero, Gemma, Chibs, Bobby Honorable mentions: Venus, stahl and chucky

  26. Complex? Nah, we'll have to agree to disagree. She was a power hungry bitch who got TWO husband's killed. She doesn't care about the club, just herself.

  27. power hungry how? i agree with you that she caused everything, she did. but she had so many different sides to her. she could be a cold hearted bitch but she was smart. if she wanted something from someone she knew exactly what they wanted from her & how to apply herself in that way to get what she wants. that fascinating to me.

  28. i had that exact thought this time around 😂

  29. Okay but none of them are evil they're just misunderstood- Clay. The answer is Clay.

  30. I’m rewatching on season 3 & I thought the exact same thing. Granted, he did NOT go as far as Juice did but he did get the ball rolling with ATF & the Irish. IMO if that didn’t happen, edmond wouldn’t have been killed, Gemma couldn’t have been framed & Abel wouldn’t have been taken.

  31. it’s always “did you notice anything malicious or eViL here”

  32. Oh I’m on withdrawal already I’ll definitely watch mayans to cure that itch for more, but I kinda thought it wouldn’t hold up the same from what I’ve seen

  33. i had to take a break between soa and mayans bc i went into mayans with the mindset it’s the same & it’s not. so definitely go in with an open mind and just enjoy the show as it is.

  34. Watch again and pat attention to the subtle hints in s3 that the club knew what was going down with stahl. Once you see the dots connected its like "oh damn, it was right in front of me the whole time"

  35. honestly most of the show is like that, lol i’m on my 6th rewatch and i’m watching closer at imaginary. kurt was the king of it lol

  36. not entirely. opie made the decision to sacrifice himself. if donna hadn’t died, it may have been an entirely different story. at that point he was ready to go. but clay set donnas death in motion & killed piney. opie was never the same after those two happened

  37. jax going to jail in the s3 finale. s4 she’s a completely different person, and that’s the beginning of her and gemma’s falling out/fighting over jax

  38. are we able to use flair on this sub? i’ve tried before and get a “you don’t have access to make changes” or some shit

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