Extended displays in VR by MKBHD

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  1. Thats amazing considering its a free mod, whats the playtime like?

  2. The controls/movement. Also the character models and facial animations.

  3. Will the visual upgrades come to PC too? Or is it just "upgraded" compared to psvr1?

  4. The Praydogs mods are an incredible acheivement, but official support is absolutely welcome! Will buy at full price if they release it.

  5. I really hope somehow we get Fallout New Vegas with good VR, whether via mod or officially. One day...

  6. Isn't there a team remaking nv in the fo4 engine? Not sure if its still a thing, but it could be our best bet.

  7. Would it be possible to add a way to disable the weapon repositioning system? Or perhaps a way to reset them all in-game? With the index bindings, if I turn on the flashlight while 2-handing a weapon it completely throws off the alignment. I always have to delete the json files and restart the game to reset it.

  8. yes i'll add a master mode switch in the holotape next release

  9. Is it just me, or is the trade marked logo the same font and style as Neon Genesis? They couldn't possibly have anything to do with that shit, right?

  10. I have never used VR, how is it for people with short sight? Does it affect the VR experience? Ot feels like you can see normally even without glasses since the screens are pretty much in front of your eyes?

  11. All VR devices right now have a fixed focal point of about 1.5-2m. If you can't see clearly at that range, you'll need glasses, contacts, or lens inserts.

  12. Its not fixable, just get a refund. Ppl saying its fine "with the right mods" are just okay with 30fps for some reason. But thats just unreasonable and unplayable imo.

  13. I run it at 90fps, rarely any reprojection except for some of the bigger indoor areas. Takes a lot of tinkering but its completely possible.

  14. Doesn't matter. You have to market build a community around your project.

  15. Good advice in general, and specifically for VR games. So many VR games drop out of nowhere or after a very small window of "marketing" and then sell terribly. I have a huge wishlist with great-looking upcoming VR games, but the only way I can find these is by going through the entire upcoming section on a regular basis.

  16. I remember the first one being pricey, and short. First one was very engaging, I just wanted more. Hopefully this one is longer?

  17. Some of my favorite vr games are thirdperson/top down. Moss, Final Assault, Down the Rabbit Hole, Hellblade.

  18. Ive had all the same issues. Its a mess and super frustrating. We need a software overhaul.

  19. I've seen people do it with a Kinect. Could probably find one dirt cheap.

  20. Nope :D about to do my 5th rma for controllers

  21. How many of those are outside of warranty? I might need a third pair soon.

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