1. Robin levin sword up air is so powerful and so satisfying

  2. Let’s see Paul Allen’s body in the water.

  3. In American Psycho Patrick Bateman asks to see Paul Allen’s business card, “Let’s see Paul Allen’s card” he later kills him in the film so I thought I could get two birds with one stone

  4. I might not get the name right but World’s End or At World’s End. Edgar Wright movie, the third one in the cornetto trilogy. Simon Pegg’s character hits home for me

  5. Most of the OW2 ones are better imo, with some outliers. I don’t like Soldier’s (the mask was cool) and I’m not a huge fan of Moira’s (her arm is nasty)

  6. 2nd one is my favorite. This reminds me a lot of an SCP, if you know what that is. Still very well done.

  7. Yeah more like short horror stories that some people have made into a game. This one specifically reminds me of, “Red Sea Object” though I can’t remember the number on that one. Regardless, very well done.

  8. Included in the game, fantastic. Included in my victory screen, not so fantastic

  9. “No but you can edit details from a totally fabricated origin story” I don’t know the whole quote but god damn I loved that episode, also S3E1

  10. …Don’t want to be that guy but, alas…

  11. Wow this is quite the assortment. Really didn’t expect anyone to have a Future Sound of London CD.

  12. Idk if this is controversial, but the only spirit to me that is worth playing is Many Minds Move as One.

  13. The only spirit worth playing? All other 23 spirits are not worth playing?

  14. Only spirit worth playing to me. I’m not saying the others are bad, I just only play that one these days.

  15. Did this guy not also do Pale Fire? Of Bladerunner 2049 acclaim (cells within cells interlinked etc.)

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