1. This is why you need to have a carpet in the toilet.. Just sit down on your butt and with your hands drag yourself in a circle, twice.

  2. Goodbye people! this is my last post. I have always been staunchly anti-war but I have been called a "tankie cu*t, putin bootlicker, kremlin bot" etc but I leave maintaining my status that I am heavily anti-putin, heavily anti-war and heavily pro-peace no matter what land/oil you have to give up.

  3. I said kherson was a trap last month. I still maintain my stance. it makes absolutely no sense that russia would evacuate citizens and valuables from there before "retreating". They also put an information blackout from this week. highly sus.

  4. Jesus crust. Imagine being told to man this station. How many days do you think they've been in this position? Damn how do you take a shit? Can't wash the mud off, so how do they sleep? Only to get blown up by a drone later.

  5. More depressing is that they are killing people who look like them, speak like them and are even their relatives.

  6. We will se what Joe is going to say about this

  7. Sure dude, they evil eyed you into a defensive offensive war.

  8. Once the conflict is over, I see no reason why not. Ukraine will have to go through the regular processes of accession, but it's pretty clear it will become a part of the EU in the future and possibly even NATO. If not a full member, then it needs to be backed up by mutual defense treaties with NATO members.

  9. Even Pakistan is currently a partner of NATO and so was Afghanistan till a year ago

  10. This is misinformation and propaganda. This is purely the fault of Putin - this is an attempt to steal Ukraine's land and resources and commit Genocide on its people and culture.

  11. And Bangladeshis, don't forget that one Bangladeshi bro 💀

  12. all desis are horny as fuck. All they need is an ankle to get a raging full on erection.

  13. I wonder what is Russia offering Iran in return? I bet this will guarantee Iran membersship in BRICS.

  14. Last I've heard, the main issue in Iran or Saudi membership was that it'd be hard to admit both, and admitting only one would anger the other

  15. Both of the hate the US much more than each other. They are both part of Opec+

  16. Russia can't guarantee BRICS besides long time back India made the decision to stick with west rather than "massage the mullahs".

  17. American here, ya we bomb people and we need to stop.

  18. Exactly right. We have the right to bomb half the world, murder half a million iraqi kids, destroy libya/syria/iraq/afghanistan but at least we get to comment on a shitty propaganda website with a completely shitty brainwashed news network about how we are a first world country even though we have no health care, no public health, no school lunch, no public transport, no holidays, no maternity leave, no access to abortion, guns everywhere, deep throating cops and army, no access to social security ...

  19. No we did not murder a half million Iraqi kids!

  20. In sometime when more news comes out pro-russians are going to be puzzled that this was never about denazifying and pro-ukrainians are going to be amazed that this was never about democracy and freedom like that demented geriatric dude blurted out.

  21. What are you talking about? RR sent them a written apology a day later.

  22. Anyone acting like either of these geriatric fucks presents any type of physical threat needs to get their brain scanned. Biden can't even balance on a bike and Putin has to grip onto tables like a life preserver whenever he sits in a chair.

  23. what are you talking about? dear leader putin can round house kick joe back to his 1920's teenage years.

  24. We should just put Joe Biden and Putin in the octagon and settle this like gentlemen. Winner takes Ukraine.

  25. Grampa joe can hardly walk, talk or shit without support. Even a teleprompter would win against him.

  26. I foresee the black sea fleet going bye bye soon

  27. Biden: Greenland was uh thank you come on man end of quote repeat the line.

  28. You still believe that Russian propaganda?


  30. You know I'm something of a protestor myself

  31. This is the perfect excuse to transition to green energy while blaming inflation on the war in Ukraine. Without the war, we would still be dreaming of pumping more oil instead of building nuclear reactors

  32. Canada is one of the largest oil exporters in the world. Green energy is good for planet and consumers but no way our masters would allow it.

  33. Russia is simultaneously a shitty third world country with no flushing toilet and also cause of concern to spend 3 trillion dollars a year LARPing with army fatigues and getting a hard-on anytime someone with a uniform walks by.

  34. Tankie (n): Fallback insult by edgelords on the internets when a debate is lost.

  35. Based on my previous experience in these kinds of missiles, the most important thing is to make the missiles pointy. If they are rounded they hit the target and bounce back.

  36. "Russia is advancing on all fronts, so we're having to retreat from this critical city we just annexed".

  37. This is absolutely 1000% a trap by Russia. The retreat is so fake it's cringe worthy. Even CNN and RT will hang up their boots after reading this.

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