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  1. How? I dont see anything contacting that create the bowl shape

  2. Vacuum closest to the screen. Connecting and disconnecting. Sucking the life out of it. Just like my wife.

  3. I did a quick diagram because i was curious.

  4. “Hey hon, can you take a picture of my shirt? Cool. Wait, let me stand with the bright ass sun at my back, and you make sure your phone’s lens still has some wing sauce on it. All set? Great. Ok take it.”

  5. There a video somewhere of a lady that was decapitated by a razor kite string

  6. No he's right she most likely only looked over because she heard the door open.

  7. Y’all are wild. Must not have kids so shouldn’t have a say at what she is paying attention to.

  8. most insurances wont pay on water damages in empty houses.

  9. If it’s being remodeled and pipes “froze” contractor insurance and home owner’s insurance would have a battle out on who’s gonna pay

  10. PSA! Don’t use a Stanley tape measure to measure your private parts they now have video proof your lying. Hahaha 🤣

  11. Actually they throw the copper away and sell the rubber at the scrap yard

  12. Okay but it looks like a zombie coming after you with his arms raised paralel to the ground and his hands flopping.

  13. I try to speak about it to people but I find it genuinely makes it harder to process and get on with my day to day. I miss him a lot, I’m early 30’s and he hadn’t even made to 60. He was a great man.

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