1. Isn't it important to also mention if you're male or female?

  2. 57-59 used to be 70 but started doing cardio running 5k like 3 times a week and went down in like 3 weeks

  3. Sometimes when I drink my heart rate goes to 70 but the next day it goes back to 62-65

  4. I spent $1500 per person ticket, flights and hotels. My other friends are looking to come and prices look like they are going up. We booked about 2 months ago. We aren’t there yet too which means food and everything else will probably add $300-$500 depending on how long you are staying, unless oatmeal and Mr noodles are your vibe.

  5. Is your girlfriend a planner?? If so trying planning I know it’s an odd concept but just try.

  6. They should just put them earlier than the few days leading up to course start. People could potentially study over the break.

  7. Bro I have 0/5 fall grades back and you’re out here asking about winter classes 😭😭

  8. On busy weeks like midterm season and the end of the semester with huge amounts of due dates I usually study/complete projects/assignments for like 7-8 hours a day (maybe like 10-12 on weekends) some of that at school between classes that I don’t skip and the rest after I get home. That’s usually enough to ensure I can keep up with all the due dates and making sure I can understand course content etc.

  9. Make an appointment with Telus my health. Covered by your ABHC. Get stay antibiotics or go to urgent care.

  10. If you do have a really bad time, just get a doctor's note to get a deferral. It's not worth taking it in that state. Unless, you want to wear a diaper.

  11. Personally I am worried about you. I have thoughts exactly how you are writing it and it’s scattered. When I start to get scattered thoughts in stead of turning to suicidal thoughts I turn to alcohol. I try my hardest not to though anymore but I use too. I feel like we are kind of similar we can recognize when we need to reach out and worried about ourselves- but what are you doing about it? I’m not fully sure if this makes sense. Please don’t be scared to reach out to me or any of the resources. Journal how you feel and please realize that there is more to life then this negative thoughts that are consuming you. Have a great day! Hope something amazing happens for you.

  12. Yes. Coding is an incredibly sought after skill that’s going to be completely standard in the job market in coming decades

  13. Agreed completely- i think there is a lot of misconceptions with coding/programming because I am horrible like 50% in highschool math and I’m getting 100% on my coding assignments. I know it’s not for everyone but the basics can be really useful.

  14. Really not a lot of people are gonna want to know programming then. But if they did that i would be happy

  15. Ya I’m suprised by this poll to tbh. I didn’t realize people were so closed minded to learning code. Hahaha maybe it’s intimidating but it really isn’t (aka the basics)

  16. I mean they made social studies a required course, which is less useful.

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