1. If you're using a midfield 2 then really you should replace odegaard with a CM that has better defense

  2. Do you have any suggestions? He’s great on offense but is definitely next to nonexistent on defense so should definitely switch him out like you said

  3. I dont exactly have a meta squad or anything but I like the WC path to glory Bruno Guimaraes. Or if you want someone a bit flashier, rulebreakers Thiago. Both have prem links too

  4. I did him as soon as he came out and he holds down my midfield in a 4222 like it’s nothing he’s been phenomenal for me

  5. Yeesh, definetly looks like a bad day for pack luck....... real rough

  6. Wait until toty. Tomorrow's promo is not even close in terms of level. I'd rather take my chances during toty

  7. Good point, do you think I should use any tomorrow? I got all 44 saved in around 4 days with a lot being untradable, should I use that some for fodder just to have less chance of duplicates come TOTY?

  8. There’ll be some upgrade SBCs during the TOTY warm up. They’ll drain your club and there’ll be so many SBCs during TOTY. So you don’t need to worry about having duplicates during TOTY. Also you’ve a chance to pack nominee players during TOTY. They’re in the same level with promo teams.

  9. I see.. So you can do it as long as you don't get caught doing it, kind of thing?

  10. Yeah basically but it could definitely have changed with the decriminalization because most counties is just misdemeanor up to 100g so more than likely even less enforced and there wouldn’t be much in way of proof

  11. Gotcha.. I was gonna say because I have a rosin press and sometimes make rosin with the flower I get but I never even bothered to try to see if it was illegal to do it. I mean it's not risking hurting anyone and I'm not selling it so I thought it was perfectly OK to do.. Plus, I would always talk with the people working at the dispensaries about how I make rosin with what I pick up sometimes, and I always showed them before and after pictures and none of them ever said anything either. This ended up reinforcing my belief that it's not an issue so, again, I didn't feel a need to check the legality of it.. Regardless though, I'm not worried about getting in trouble because it's not like they come knocking on your door to make sure you're doing everything above board, and if I'm only doing it all for personal use then what they don't know won't hurt me..

  12. Oh I’ll be the last to say you shouldn’t do that hahah I work in a dispo and am always talking about how to do those things, make edibles and such, just like giving the boring info just in case!

  13. Those italian CBs are affordable and have been looking very tempting on futbin.

  14. How’s laudrup for you? He seems great for the price and there’s no real reviews for him

  15. It’s hit or miss, there are some games where he is fantasy on the wing and gets involved a lot then there are some that he does nothing for me, when he’s on though it’s typically really good

  16. I feel like this sub criminally ignores the minor cannabinoids being the most likely culprit behind the entourage effect. Beta-caryophyllene is the only terpene with scientific evidence showing that it works on the endocannibinoid system. Every other one is just hearsay or rumored to work in other ways

  17. Only problem with the hearsay or rumored to work argument is that until recently, not much research has been able to be done on them. Of course that could lead to that statement being true but based off of the research there is out there, in my opinion, it is safe to conclude that terps do benefit the entourage effect. I do see what you’re saying though and would love to see more actual research now that things are opening up

  18. Prices are high but that is a 25% discount on the rtm carts. Overpriced, yes, but a deal none the less

  19. Yeah, I got that email too. Best part? It's not even all the RISE locations; it's JUST the Toledo store.

  20. I guess you’re now in same boat as mine. To clarify, it’s not because of any audio issue- it’s just that I’m deaf 😛

  21. I'm sorry I'm new to chess, but wouldn't that be a checkmate then?

  22. Where black is not currently in check, and making any move would be putting themself in check (which isn’t a legal move) which would mean that black can’t play so it would be a draw. If black was in check and couldn’t move then it would be checkmate

  23. Definitely excited for that day to come, growing your own medicine is super efficient and should be available to anyone who wants to!

  24. Serious question-- If I am making edibles and somehow my anti-marijuana neighbor gets a whiff of it baking, they call the police, what happens? I was told we aren't technically allowed to make our own edibles, which makes as much sense as most of the problems in this program.

  25. In Ohio, it is a 2nd degree felony to process cannabis matter. Cooking is a big grey zone because some higher ups say the in order to cook with it, you must be doing some form of processing which is where the illegality of it comes in. Very stupid law IMO but 99.99% of the time, I feel like you’d be fine making your own edibles

  26. It may help a bit to blanch your bud before using it which will take away some of the smell and taste of the plant material. Still will have a bit of a smell but it may help (emphasis on May)

  27. People are weird for not understanding the competitive side/reasoning behind things like this and then still pushing the case after it’s explained

  28. As the others mentioned, I also used wurk, nothing special about it but it does the job intended with little problems if any

  29. I thought it was common knowledge the 3v4 GA… I guess not on this thread at least. Also saw people comparing jumps to exploits and that makes me question some of these people on here too 😂

  30. I wasn't trying to start an argument, just pointing out that comparing $14 in Ohio to $18 in California, that you are better off with $14 in Ohio. I'm not making any judgment calls as to whether that's good or bad.

  31. The $18 I was referencing was in Ohio as well! I know what you mean though I’d rather work $14 here than $18 in Cali!

  32. I’ve been in the cannabis industry since 2015 and actually find Ohio’s employment market to be a bit more competitive than the salaries offered on the west coast. This is for positions above entry level, to be fair.

  33. I agree on that for sure! Entry level isn’t the best here but overall pay higher up is not bad and honestly better than others as you said!

  34. There’s the straight ballin award for holding it 60 sec straight not sure if more after that though!

  35. Hey! If you are still looking I am interested in connecting! M22 very neat and busy with work and classes so typically stay to myself!

  36. How is it? I wasn’t sure if that was a real thing. I’ll have to try it next time.

  37. It’s really good, The terpene mrycene is prevalent in mangos and that’s exasperates the effects from the thc and it’s phenomenal

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