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  1. My first roll shot on a Mamiya RB67. I’m looking forward to getting better :)

  2. World cinema project 2 is great and cassevettes and BRd trilogy are worth considering if you like their style.

  3. Yeah from the silent boxset I would definitely start with Docks of New York. My favorite and really perfectly sets up a lot of his aesthetic with sets and blocking etc. he’s definitely most famous for his dietrich collaborations and my favorite one there - which makes for a great double feature with docks - is Morocco. Again really sets the tone of sex and mystery to be as general as possible.

  4. Howdy. Blu-ray and 4k for sale. Shipping is $4. Willing to do trades or work with you on pricing. All in perfect condition with unused digital codes as well. I will also update on occasion with more films as I'm whittling down my 2000 film collection.

  5. So basically I was wondering if this foreshadowed Usopp getting some form of Conquerors Haki that he uses mostly as a speech Haki to boost and support others.

  6. It is beyond worth it!! So many special features beyond the incredible amount and variety of movies! Plus some titles are rotating so you’re always getting new options and getting motivated to catch some before before they leave :)

  7. If you want something with more of a character focus: Oregairu, Angel Beats

  8. If you want something like “I Saw the Devil” you’ll love “A Bittersweet Life”

  9. Aw man I’m sorry haha this was kinda a joke response my bad if you wasted your time

  10. I think you’d love “Belladonna of Sadness” one of the most psychedelic movies I’ve seen, also an animation heavily about witchcraft

  11. I haven’t seen these mentioned yet but in my opinion they’re atmospheric bangers

  12. Watched "Burning (2018)" last night - totally fits. What a film. "Dolls (2002)" is another mesmerizing melancholic film I watched recently.

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