1. I woke up at 3am and directly scrolled back to this post to ask this question: it seems that in the comments people have concluded that spores in the show aren’t infecting people, but if that’s true, how did Granny get infected in episode 1?

  2. Oh! And that’s how it got to the US?

  3. kinda corporative but overall good design. could be much worst, I'm into it.

  4. He’s still got it. Sad seeing him at a shit club though

  5. Messi can win a WC and score in the final. Not sure Cristiano could do it 😉

  6. Oh so goat, winning a WC with country with WC Heritage, yeah, Argentina would still win a WC without him in the future

  7. Messi was defo more important than Ronaldo was to that Portugal team

  8. Argentina Without messi still have Titles, Portugal without Cr7? You know how dumb you sound?

  9. Yeah Dude, After he Left Madrid Rape Accusations were after him so the voters didnt want to vote for a Guy with those Accusations, although he has been proven innocent it was too late as he was robbed lf Fifa The Best and Uefa The Best and Puskas Award, Luka Modric knows very well those awards were never meant for him

  10. Helen kept it to herself, Psyche made a big deal out of it

  11. Did your school declare Puerto Rico as a state?

  12. Indeed. Medusa was born a horrible monster(Gorgon) in earlier myths.

  13. Monsters aren't necessarily ugly. Sirens were often depicted as beautiful, as was the Sphinx.

  14. Not sure if this is a wind up or not 😂 but still….. It isn’t a celebration of his career…testimonial is supposed to be about somebody’s service to the club…the guys been an absolute whopper

  15. so you're just gonna wipe his contribution to the club during 03-09? the last time we won a champions league was with him...

  16. You shoudnt worry, he'll get his Europa League medal if we win the Europa League, sol that should be at least a goodbye

  17. Same with Portugal, they will win a World Cup at some point without Ronaldo and another euro without him as well, that’s common sense, so that makes your opinion invalid and totally not check proof. If I were you, and you were me, with the same likings of Portugal (you) and Argentina (me), but Portugal winning the World Cup and Argentina getting out in the quarter finals, and you in the Messi sub, then this would all be the same, I would say “well Portugal will win eventually without him, Ronaldo’s just another player in their history, kiddo” which is definitely true, you would probably say the same thing I’m about to say as well. Back in the 80s it was the same thing, like “Argentina will win eventually win without Maradona” or “Brazil will eventually win without Pele” which definitely happened and will happen again now in modern days and the future. Please read and think before you comment, your comment is very weak and doesn’t seem to saying anything with good reason. This is why you Ronaldo fans can’t admit anything, thus I made this post for that reason. The rivalry, competition, or whatever you wanna call it is over. It’s done. It’s time to focus on the end of these guys career and look to the future for other upcoming talent, knowing that down history Messi will be known as the goat to so many kids in the future because he has a World Cup and Ronaldo doesn’t. And that’s inevitable, you guys won’t be able to stop that, only for your children in the future if you ever decide to have children or not. Maybe even mbappe or haaland will be the new goat and change history again, by winning everything possible and break once again “there will be no other one like him” or “there will be no other goat than him, no one will ever surpass him” or something along those lines. It has always happened.. ever since the first goat of football and will happen again in the future. Mark my words. Sometimes you gotta wake up to reality you know.

  18. Theyll win a WC yeah, when every other team is in horrible shape most likely or ronaldo is involved somehow

  19. I wouldn’t say Ronaldo is involved for Messi winning the World Cup at all, now that’s too far, actually

  20. Ok, well that’s a big reason why the games passed him by. You need all players to be able to press. The only player that gets away with this is messi because he adds so much in attack.

  21. Well for Starters he was A Good Father, which is weird for a God, He was a Good Lover, which is Weird for a God and was Basically a Good Warrior despite everything, he was a Master with whatever Weapon you gave Him, Once, Ares came to the rescue and he actually captured Sisyphos after he dared capture thanatos, he Killed Hallirhotios to avenge his Daughter Alkippe after she was being raped, Ares had his daughter Harmonia and Her Husband Cadmos after being cursed by Apollo Carried away to the Islands of the Blessed, ares also killed Ekhidnade, Echidna's son, in the Titan War, he killed Mimas in the Giant War, there's a lot.

  22. As a god who is the god of war would see that he had a certain respect for his soldiers and those who participated in battle. Even if he does have a reputation of being an asshole he stands up for what he values which I believe is very respectful.

  23. The 2nd stint was obviously bad but in my opinion, he still had a bigger influence.

  24. We have to be realistic, city lost vs Southampton, Liverpool are crap, Chelsea too, tottenham too, arsenal? They're doing good, united only do good when everybody is doing bad, hope the team can start getting better

  25. They have good chemistry, but I can’t deny how formulaic it can feel at times. It feels like the writers had no choice but to fill a relationship void after Margaret before slipping out the banana peel at the last second for Mordecai so that the relationship mounted to nothing just so that Rigby could leapfrog him in “superiority”.

  26. Bro is still suspended which makes no sense since the rule states that 4 match ban or more will be followed in the case the player moves to a different league, Damn Fifa, but we should see him more time since next time it wont be 30 matches it'll be 34

  27. I just noticed that if united win Europa League ronaldo will also get his winners medal for his 2 goals and 2 assists in 6 matches

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