1. As long as the damn thing climbs hills and can completely finish my route I'll take it

  2. I'm tempted to stop mine too I have nobody to file grievances for me and I don't know how, my pm keeps telling me shit that isn't true at this point I could careless anymore we'll be out of business in a year

  3. They are trying to make us go back to deliver missed packages even if its 50 miles, my response was get us vehicles that can finish a route and I will start caring

  4. I've only seen chick's but my PM said to hold all live animals for pickup we don't deliver any live animals

  5. Cats are like wait why are you here? Dogs are like go away go away, even though I have some dog friends who like to run between my legs when I'm not looking and scare the daylights out of me

  6. I keep hearing people complain about helping other routes they won't let me help others if I do I don't get paid or at least that's what they are threatening I told my coworker write up everything over sized and write the PM phone number so they can bitch to her about not getting packages maybe then I can help

  7. Why do you wear gloves all day? / how? The gloves would be filled with sweat by the time I’m pulling down my route in the office

  8. I couldn't do it I used to wear gloves in the winter but my boxes are torn up so bad I gave up

  9. Sorry, my comment is out of context. In my city, there are several neighborhoods that get weekly or bi-weekly mail. For years (?), the local post office has been holding job fairs and sending out mailers for job listings. Still nothing. The local news stations have done stories about the situation and usually end with 'we're hiring.'

  10. Unfortunately it's getting frustrating that mail isn't important anymore, I'm only a year in but I'm trying really hard to learn names and not make mistakes but it just seems like we don't care about people's paychecks anymore which I'm in a small town so I still deliver quite a few a month

  11. I just started basically 3 weeks ago, I'm an RCA running solo on a route with no support.

  12. If you're on the same route everyday I promise it gets easier if not good luck I have no idea how people can constantly change routes, its getting frustrating having management cry when a package gets missed but mail that doesn't go out or periodicals nobody says anything

  13. I don’t think you fully understand the nature of your job, but again, good luck getting those two weeks.

  14. Its funny everyone wants to protect the planet but how many trees are our customers going through throwing away useless magazines

  15. I have a short route so been trying to help other routes and all I get is bitched at the new usps motto should be "do it yourself and stop complaining"

  16. if you were a rural carrier they would have a surprise one day mail count starting today.

  17. I’m in my 50s with close to 35 for retirement. With my paid back military (7 years) and dod time (1 year). I also have close to 27 years at the po. I am not a Carrier. I’m in the plant. And trust me they are finding robots to replace us. And I have been deep reading the goals of dejoy. He want to privatize the plants first. Makes since because the public as a hole hates us at the plant. The public jacks off with privatization of the post office. It’s only in due time that the retail clerks won’t be needed either. Soooo that will be a bunch of clerks out of a job with mail handlers. And some portions of the plant life is already privatized. Just look up Alan ritchey and browse their job listings. Personally after I did my research into the post office has been trying to privatize for decades. I’m hell bent to get ready to leave at my minimum retirement. And if I stay later, then I will still be doing all the overtime and get my expensive home paid in full. It’s all good in the hood. I’m leaving a legacy for my family.

  18. I'm nervous about buying back my military time not sure I'll have a job for the next 16 years as a rural carrier

  19. At least you finished the route I didn't finish the first whole week I worked other carriers had to come help me get it done

  20. Use the bottom right. Itll try to bring up the keypad between enters but enter is right there so you'll slam that mailbox delivery eventually. It takes longer than it used to but still faster than the way they want us doing it.

  21. I just learned yesterday the button on the side is an enter button I pushed it on accident, my complaint is I have severe tremors so I'm always pushing things I don't mean to but I gave up trying to fix it it takes too much of my time

  22. Yeah, maybe. That or I'll try to get a private courier job out there with the company he and I did work for before.

  23. My vehicle is getting a new engine before I get a "new" vehicle our station will never see a "new" vehicle before I retire in 20 years they say they are getting new vehicles to make customers happy just like crazy horse says it will finish getting built it will never be done because then the donations stop

  24. Hmm. I guess it varies by location. Around here the newspaper is delivered separately.. very early in the morning (around 6 am) whereas the mail comes later around 10:30 but sometimes as late as 1pm. But then again we also have contractors doing both jobs for different companies .. in personal vehicles rather than the traditional mail trucks. The only time we see a legit mail truck is on Sunday if they’re bringing something for Amazon.

  25. If you're on a rural route we usually drive our own vehicles I'm lucky I get to use a mail truck on my route even though I'm rural

  26. I wonder who is going to tell them that it takes months for someone to get hired.

  27. This is it. Don't ever call the office when your safety feels compromised. Always call 911. Your supervisor will send another CCA to kick your corpse out of the driver's seat of the LLV to finish your pivots and not even notify your next of kin.

  28. I'd have called the cops in a heartbeat he didn't have visible identification then I guess you can explain it to the cops why you are following a federal employee

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