1. I actually like the ship, their S4 interactions were more interesting than RobStar or BBRae

  2. I never really was a fan of the Dangerous tour(not that it’s bad but couldn’t get to it. But the Bad Tour is where the magics at.

  3. Lmaoo that’s why I relate to him, not everything is always going to go your way, the world might favor some ppl over you and that’s fine as long as you don’t give up. Because at the end it’ll totally be worth it.

  4. It's dumb considering by skill set He should be 1st or 2nd best fighter

  5. Idk about biggest song or anything like that. For the most part, his MJ inspired singles don't do great with the general public but it's impossible to say without hearing the song.

  6. Maybe i worded it too strong but Sacrifice and In Your Eyes didn't pick up any steam and i really like those songs. Not a single but I felt the same about a lonely night

  7. Sacrifice and the rest of Dawn FM wasn’t really promoted well. As for in your eyes I wouldn’t really count it as an MJ esque song more of a typical 80s styled song. But I get where you’re coming from

  8. I like this take but I’d argue that Robby’s win could also be as inspirational as Tory’s win.

  9. With Robby & Sam losing to them, it feels like they are building them up to win The Seikai-Taikai.

  10. I was just thinking the other day if his career would’ve taken off like it did if MJ was still around

  11. This goes back to the old MJ pics he'd post on his IG stories way back when. We're finally getting there.

  12. Ultimate Kevin arc is a Top 5 in the whole franchise and no one can change my mind.

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