1. Really? I thought something like this already happened during the Devonian patch though?

  2. Wouldn't the fact that Mechagodzilla lossed entire limbs to the same charged axe that got stuck in Godzilla's thigh mean that Mechagodzilla has considerably worse durability?

  3. Was it charged? I thought it was uncharged when he slashed Godzilla’s thigh, or at least undercharged as it was only fully charged when Kong swung the axe into the beam before the explosion knocked them both down.

  4. You fool! This image doesn’t make me horny, it makes me infatuated!… And disappointed in myself that a 2 dimensional static image is having an effect on my emotions.

  5. I thought it was an insect for a second with the stems looking like legs NGL.

  6. I listen to music on my phone so none, but if I had to use the game’s tracks, definitely the forest map theme, its a banger.

  7. Sword, glove, and saddle technology, but not pants or shoes technology? That lady is RIFE with hookworms.

  8. Hornyness provides a base 100% boost to environmental resistance, except against tentacles which gain a 20x ensnare accuracy multiplier.

  9. First episode 8: Alien sex party, now episode 9: Mob gets hit by a car and f*cking dies.

  10. Probably safety concerns if I had to guess, elementary and middle schools nowadays are very anxious about letting anyone bring things from home, including food which IIRC is a poison concern if kids begin sharing it.

  11. BotW is weird because you can go from getting one shot by almost everything to taking a quarter heart of damage due to how armor gives flat damage reduction.

  12. Then there’s Silver and Gold Lynels who don’t give a f*ck about how much armor you have and one shot you anyway.

  13. Mogami did a little bit of tomfoolery remember?

  14. Mogami giving a child several months worth of severe psychological trauma: “We do a little trolling around here”

  15. Atrlaast according to Adam Wingard Godzilla lost yoecjagodzilla because he was haphazardly using up all his energy, mainly his atomic breath. And also did not take king seriously until the last part of their very last fight. Kong most certainly wasn't a pushover since he managed to do a decent amount of damage to godzilla. It was only when godzilla got super pissed off that he became too much for kong to handle.

  16. IDK how much I believe in what Adam says since a lot of it seems like pandering to the Godzilla stans who dominate the fandom TBH. I definitely believe it was a but of both, Godzilla isn’t some invincible god and by basic plot laws he does need to be challenged in some way, so it makes sense to me that Kong would have injured him on top of MechaGodzilla being designed to counter him.

  17. Why do people call Kong a pushover again? He was hurting Godzilla even without an axe, even if the damage was minor most of the time. If a way smaller and weaker male MUTO can damage 2014 Godzilla and cause him trouble, I don’t see how fighting Kong wouldn't weaken 2021 Godzilla.

  18. IDK, it seems like a cash grab to me since quite a few other manga have been trying to copy the success of Record of Ragnarok, and from what I have heard, Versus falls in that category.

  19. Robots in fiction: Super advanced AI, can move fluidly like an animal, uber smart

  20. Literally the only thing keeping TLK from F- tier lol. I loved Nitro.

  21. "Don't get hit" the rest I can eventually do, if maybe requiring some leveling before. Kinda not so easy to deal with 2HKOs.

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