Giveaway: Blockbuster Zombie Stock Short Destroyer (not sure why I’ve never done a giveaway for Superstonk 😭)

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  1. Go $BBBY and hope RC announces his second buy in soon

  2. I’m thinking about buying about 20 more 9/16 $15 Calls for the theta… but for more leverage would 8/19 $20 Calls a good idea to have in order to roll out/exercise as they go ITM?

  3. Waiting on Gherks DD tonight. This is another ticking bomb. I got 8/19 $9 calls and I might roll them further out if they crush the price. I just don’t see how they can do it with no shares available to borrow….

  4. I’m like the way you think! Do you think you’ll be rolling out to the same strike, or are you going to roll up and more leveraged?

  5. Anyone else have any Metanauts?? I picked up 5 today!

  6. Tomorrow will probably not lead to much haha, they’re still far apart, and it could always diverge or something. I’m suspicious because this isn’t really happening at the right time, and the other data isn’t lining up for anything really at all.

  7. Thanks for going in-depth with your outlook on this!! And thank you for working hard on the indicator in the first place!

  8. Why are you posting the same thing 3 times then?

  9. And if this happens, in combination with the Split Dividend FOMO, July OPEX occurring, AND an NFT Market Place dropping…. We might be having ChristMOASS in July. 🏴‍☠️🚀

  10. It’s happening this week. I feel it in my balls.

  11. Duuuuuude….. out of everything I’ve heard the last few months…. This seems the most likely

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