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  1. Conveniently avoiding showing the one female main chara that has a sexy design :D

  2. Yeah honestly I don’t even like LoL but as an artist myself I have to admit that Arcane is a MASTERPIECE. The animation is gorgeous, the characters are well-developed and have growth even for the smaller supporting characters, and everyone is given the same love and care in their story/motivations/development. Echo was probably my favorite but all of the ladies were so well handled that I can’t even choose a favorite very easily. If I had to tho, Vi is so cool and such a badass that I wanna be her. I love everything about that show. It almost made me want to play the game, that’s how good the show was

  3. Avatar Studios is going to make a Kyoshi and Zuko movie, right?


  5. She was shown explicitly being attracted to a woman in the newest movie that came out: Trick or Treat Scooby Doo!

  6. I'm sorry, fucking nazi robots???

  7. The Penitent One (Blasphemous) vs The Beheaded (Dead Cells)

  8. The one that just came out: Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!


  10. I hope Art competitions don't allow A.I. generated Art in them

  11. God I remember this from years ago. I assume the artist stopped making RWBY comics

  12. iirc They stopped making RWBY comics because they stopped liking the show

  13. Hibiki and Uta from Bubble vs The Visitor from The Visitor

  14. How does one even get in a polygamous relationship? I think most people would be uncomfortable with the concept of their partner being shared.

  15. Ultimately it doesn't matter because they're fictional characters so do whatever

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