3090 FE giveaway. I want to give it to someone who really cannot get it for themselves/family right now due to their current situation, even though they would love one. Basically not someone who can buy one but would prefer a free one. So please be considerate

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  1. Stephen King probably holds the record of best book to screen adaptations.

  2. I gotta disagree on Dr. Sleep. It’s one of my all time favorite King books but I couldn’t stand the movie.

  3. I’m not allowed to use that:/ kitchen table it is for me

  4. New dad, definitely not upgrading the 1080 I have for the foreseeable future.

  5. Depends a lot on your location. How far you willing to travel ?

  6. I live in South Louisiana, and I have 4 days off at a time, so I could technically drive to Abilene if I were to go with Percom Online.

  7. School of EMS in Tyler, TX. I have a coworker who graduated and two attending now. They all loved it.

  8. Lucky we have turnout and rescue gear here. Pretty much only time we bunk out is structure fires, and fire alarms. Everything else is rescue gear.

  9. Many others have said it, but time on air is the best solution. Familiarize, familiarize, familiarize! Get comfortable enough with your pack to be able to take it off in tight spaces while maintaining control of it , putting it back on, and changing out bottles by feel only. That pack and your hose are your lifelines in a structure fire. And get comfortable not being able to see!

  10. Any patient covered in shit who then proceeds to constantly try and touch me with shit covered hands.

  11. I took mine on a Friday and had results at 0500 Saturday. Best of luck to you both though!

  12. I used EMT Prep on my phone and the actual text book. Just focus on areas your having trouble.

  13. Don’t stress about it. The day of just run, find your pace focus on your breathing, and listen to your favorite music. Before you know it you’ll hit the 20 minutes. You’ve been building up to this for the last 4 weeks! Go kill it!

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