1. you are definitely one of my followers :3 💙💕🤍💕💙

  2. i can understand that, but it probably means you enjoy being degraded 💙💕🤍💕💙

  3. that's totally valid to not want to hit the button 💙💕🤍💕💙

  4. i got to the end i think 💙💕🤍💕💙

  5. this calls me out on a whole new level 💙💕🤍💕💙

  6. i am very much trans 💙💕🤍💕💙

  7. it's sad that I'll never actually be a ..., transitioning is just too scary and impossible for multiple reasons 💙💕🤍💕💙

  8. i always hated haircuts 💙💕🤍💕💙

  9. no, I'm just scared to wear it because of anxiety 💙💕🤍💕💙

  10. it's sad that lots of us don't have supportive parents (including me) or hrt. 💙💕🤍💕💙

  11. egg cracking moment 💙💕🤍💕💙

  12. both are totally valid and amazing 💙💕🤍💕💙

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