1. Idk why everyone’s saying 5, 4 practically matches your skin

  2. I know not all friendships are meant to be permanent, but I’ve never seen one that didn’t end either in the couple getting together officially or a falling out/end of the friendship.

  3. Whats that weird flesh bubble coming out of her right leg? Is that supposed to be her ass cheek?

  4. I honestly believe I Wonder may be the best rock song of all time but for some reason No Rain is all anyone knows them for

  5. Gorillaz - Feel Good inc. They have other groovy songs but nothing really hits as hard as their most famous track

  6. Cameron Boyce. He was just 20 years old, died suddenly in his sleep. I don’t think anyone saw it coming

  7. Parents used to tell me that it’s illegal to drive with the inside lights on in the car. Can’t believe I believed that shit until I was like 17

  8. Same here, but apparently my mom knew it was a lie and my dad thought it was real the whole time

  9. Everyone says they like big noses on men but I have yet to find a guy that likes them on women. Unfortunately for me.

  10. New York City. Literally smells like someone pissed on every street corner. Filthy, loud, overpriced, overrated.

  11. Hi, have you found a concealer that works well for you since posting this thread? I think I may be having a similar problem, concealers all look awful on me and I have some chicken skin under my eyes.

  12. I actually have! It’s the Armani Power Fabric concealer. Little pricey but it’s soooo worth it and it’s literally the only one I’ve found that doesn’t separate under my eyes.

  13. My first kiss was with a girl at my middle school halloween dance

  14. its a joke from a movie where somebody had a "no regrets" tattoo spelled "no ragerts"

  15. Blind Melon’s self titled album. Zero skips. I truly believe I Wonder is the best rock song of all time.

  16. I freaking love Blind Melon and I never meet other people who do as well. I learned how to play I Wonder on the guitar 20+ years ago and it’s still my favorite song to play. I think Piranha by Tripping Daisy might be my pick for best rock song but I Wonder is right behind it.

  17. The anniversary of shannon’s death was actually yesterday. I’m only 18 so I wasn’t around when they were still playing with all the original members but it’s always so sad for me.

  18. English used to have “overmorrow”. Wish we could bring it back.

  19. Why can't we? I do. Perfectly good word. In UK/Aus English we still use fortnight and the yanks don't. Can't judge our language by its slowest reader.

  20. I’m a “yank” lmao but I mean it would be difficult for it to spread to the point of being common again

  21. He’s not that handsome by today’s beauty standards but by 1970’s beauty standards, yes

  22. Probably leave. Even if they were one of the ace people that still has sex, I want to be with someone who’s actually sexually attracted to me

  23. Heat. I live in South Florida where people from colder climates covet our weather. They don’t understand the hell that is humidity. Most of the time I walk from my car to my doorstep, I’m drenched in sweat. Walking my dog in humidity is like walking through a hot cloud. I live inland so I don’t get the ocean Breeze. The air feels like soup. Also, this is not the heat of my Florida youth. It was always hot, but never like this. Worse, our air conditioners cannot keep up with the constant heat.

  24. Nah I’d still prefer sweaty heat to freezing my ass off 6 months out of the year

  25. I got virtually zero male attention until I started college, now I’ve already had several guys interested in me after just a month and a half. Some of it has to do with environment. If you’re young, you might find that going somewhere new could make it easier to find guys who are interested in you. I also have good fashion sense and I know which parts of my body to emphasize. In my case, I naturally have a flat stomach, small waist, and decent hips and ass, so I normally wear a crop top with low rise jeans and a dangle belly button bar. This is going to be different for everyone though.

  26. That’s so weird to me. I genuinely love doing it with my partner to the point where she gets one for spending time with me, and another one after we have sex.

  27. The first time we did it he just assumed I finished. I told him I didn’t and he kind of just shrugged it off. It was to the point where I started to think that maybe oral just wasn’t for me until he finally listened to my suggestions and I actually felt something.

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