1. We're all part of an intricate network called the human race, and there are only 8 billion of us, each and every one, quite fragile indeed, and there is nothing that guarantees our continued existence except our collective will to live on.

  2. Yes its definitely going to be a hike. Or it could be a pause. But then again maybe it will be a cut. But definitely one of those options.

  3. You forgot a US debt default or nuclear armageddon or some other catastrophic event.

  4. 10.5 million open jobs and +200,000 jobs job market and 205,000 initial jobless claims and 3.5% unemployment.

  5. I tend to agree... indeed, inflation in the 70s came in ascending waves. After the first wave, the FED paused and cut early only to have to more aggressively raise in the future. Given that history and the above, slower continued hikes seem logical. But the FED printer is starting to go burr again, and the Bankif Japan is approaching a crisis and printing money like crazy. Everyone is bipolar or rather, we'll see if the FED and BoJs addiction to money printing is stronger than JPOWs willpower.

  6. Dude, my sister lives in this fantasy world where she believes everything she thinks. She already considers herself smart and different from everyone and will believe the most ridiculous nonsense and will die a thousand times on that hill despite having mountains of evidence to the contrary. Honestly it's exhausting interacting with her sometimes.

  7. Typical Regard - he loaded up on eggs at the peak. I fully expect a price correction by the weekend.

  8. I think too many companies use a flawed algorithm to weed out applications. If your resume is missing some keywords you get rejected even if you're qualified for the position.

  9. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are the awful systems that do this on autopilot. They routinely auto reject applications without keywords.

  10. Even when a live recruiter is searching for applicants to interview they are going to search for keywords to help them filter out resumes that don’t have at least the basics they are looking for. Do yourself a favor and be sure you DO have the keywords in your resume that they will be looking for. Why would you not do this?

  11. Not everyone will do this, and if everyone does do this, the keywords cease to be a filter.

  12. Must be depressing for the guy who has to throw away excess big macs at the end of the night...

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