1. I'm thinking of handling rollbacks by not loading a specific overlay (or moving it to .{overlay name}. Also, snapper integration can be made with basically any distro, so I don't see why I couldn't include that just to be safe. IMHO this will have the advantages of both (image-based and you're free to do whatever else you want), but I'm far from an expert in immutable Linux.

  2. If something is not packaged as an RPM, flatpak or appimage how do you install it on Silverblue outside of a container?

  3. Well, that's what ~/.local is for. No root needed and if you screw up, it's only local so your system still starts. You need to setup your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to it but then it's just a matter of dumping things there (you can also configure --prefix=~/.local before make and make install, no sudo needed).

  4. At least it got a laugh from me... Let me repost the "script" in its entirety for people not inclined to go on Instagram to find programming tips:

  5. The only part that is really hard with FP is how to handle real computer memory (that is limited in size and in bandwidth).

  6. Typical Haskell program is still few times slower than typical C or Rust program.

  7. Well, the fact that merely looking at the state of your program (debugging/displaying stuff) can change the actual machine code completely, I understand that fear. It feels like achieving more consistency might be a solvable problem. If things get consistent, people will be less afraid.

  8. I saw this post but I didn't see it was still getting updated. Thanks. I'll asked there later for help (didn't find anything on there).

  9. They keep those tickets opened as a way to manage problems/bugs/regressions: it is fine to go in that specific issue and report your problem.

  10. It's not programming. It's not high quality. By listing them here, you are increasing their SEO, which is helping them. So

  11. Is it just me or am I the only one actually expecting a definition of X when I see a title like "What is X? - A complete guide in 2023"?

  12. VR has been dead for years... A fad, just like 3D shows in cinemas. People figured it's cumbersome to wear any form of headset that actually provides an immersive experience... thus breaking immersion. Light headsets/glasses never came to be given the poor immersion, miniaturization limits and privacy concerns. Zuckerberg is the only known user of the Metaverse now from the depth of a remote lunatic asylum only interacting with ChatXFX XTX-powered bots... This is one of the last bastions of AI BTW now that people have realized that blindly trusting a system that can be blatantly wrong without any way to provide an explanation or really improve over it was generally a bad idea... though it's still great for things like voice processing, personal assistants, data mining and keeping Zuck in the Matrix to prevent war-inducing polarization machines like Facebook to ever be implemented again. Twitter went bust after being outlawed for its negative societal impact. Musk is still rich though, don't worry, but got a revelation that an Alien species has created humans and is preparing to head off to space to meet them.

  13. I’m pretty sure you got that backwards, but if you want to argue that picking a version that works, and that immutable OSs never get a configuration issue, I’ll concede that there are problems that NixOS (which is an immutable OS, of the kind you just described) that there are problems which it cannot solve better than a different kind of immutable OS without declarative configuration. That was never in question, but if you want me to say that dependency pinning alone has benefits, I won’t argue against it.

  14. I think we finally came to a point where we laid all assumptions bare. Things make sense, and we seem to agree on what is and isn’t a good solution. I’ll need to look at MicroOS, I was a bit blind-sided and I don’t know enough about it.

  15. systemctl edit rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer, probably with sudo if necessary.

  16. Thank you. Looks promising. Any idea what to put in there to get it to check every 4 hours?

  17. I'm really not trying to be dismissive as there are surely ways to restrict your question to actionable things but as it is, it's architecture/optimization/code-dependent. You have cited typical latency numbers, you can work with them as your worst case scenario.

  18. Alright, for you random reader of the internet coming here for information...

  19. That would be a fallacy. Already helped even these 2 last days 2 users that needed to update mesa or firmware for their 7900 to work better than assuming the "drivers are already there", so I can confirm you have neither tested this and are assuming because it works for you it works for everyone. At least right now and probably for the next month or 2 they need to do one or all steps depending on their diestro, kernel, mesa version and a bunch of other variables if they want higher performance, better compatibility, better technology support like RT, etc. You can even see in reddit, github and other places people asking for this same help.

  20. Yes that is very true, that's also why I tried to make a list of "good reasons to use unsafe" as getting around the compiler's annoying rules is not one of them.

  21. That is true and that's why there is a full book about it. I have also read recently (that might have been on LWN) that there is work going on to make invariants easier to define and find out in unsafe blocks (including through tooling). Sorry I don't have the reference at hand.

  22. could be a nice longer essay. the xml example is pretty good one though, especially having been through a database class in college where it was quite xml focused

  23. Rules? I know it's twitter but not really programming-related unless a programming blunder led to this.

  24. The point of us is not against idiomatic, The idiomatic is more verbose some time, more and more verbose if we add more generics.

  25. No what the person you answer to is saying is that the distinction you make is imaginary in the sense that your "readable" version is as idiomatic as the other one. Both are proper Rust. The fact you abstract a series of lower-level constructs in a properly-named function does not change that.

  26. That's a very narrow view. A distribution is also the community, the material they produce (docs, wiki etc.) and the support they give.

  27. Sure just like a chair is not just legs, back and seat but it is also a community, some craftsmanship, an end-user manual and a warranty...

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