1. Horizon Forbidden West water tech is superb so I’m hoping Kojima goes crazy with it. I also hope for co-op

  2. I knew it lmao. Once the mandatory seasonal content they had to do was done (because they wanted to be greedy and ask for it all upfront unlike other multiplayer games) they were going to just remaster one old map until season 8(fall 2023) then abandon the game as they promote the next battlefield game for fall 2024

  3. If destiny got AC gear what would each class even be based on? I can see Titans getting Templar gear.

  4. In the beginning…. Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon.

  5. I wonder if this is the PlayStation game that Tom Henderson said would be revealed on December 1st or 2nd. The Order 1886 sequel???

  6. When the deal goes through next year PlayStation will still have marketing rights till 2024. Not sure if that includes the entire life cycle of that CoD of that year but if so people will have to wait till 2026 to see the new and old CoD games on gamepass. By then I think PlayStation will have enough exclusive multiplayer options for people to want to stay on PlayStation rather than go to Xbox for gamepass and to play CoD for the low.

  7. Nah ain’t no way Low Life got disrespected. That’s one of his best songs and feature songs. Also Kissland deserves respect!

  8. (Now playing Hurricane by Kanye West) DON’T LET ME DROWN!!!

  9. They need to restructure the studios first or else I won’t be buying

  10. Xbox and PlayStation are really treating us and regulators like we are dumb. Acting like they don’t have no games coming

  11. Only if the next Battlefield flops again. I honestly want respawn to work on it if so but they are busy with Star Wars Jedi 2, apex legends, new Star Wars FPS, and their own IP, hands are full.

  12. Yup, until this acquisition falls or goes through, PlayStation and Xbox will just announce games when close to the release date rather than doing a big grouped announcement so they won’t look so good in front of the regulators. That’s why ps5 didn’t even do a showcase nor reveal a new 1st party studio game in over a year besides the VR title Call of the Mountains. They even stated earlier this year that 2 live service games are coming before March 2023 which seem to be Firewall Ultra and another mystery title

  13. Tbh I have no faith in WB Montreal nor Rocksteady. Why Rocksteady? The two co-founders have departed very recently, probably to make their own studio or work for another big publisher to lead an already funded new studio

  14. Watching Kratos get emotional made me very emotional. Dude literally went through many hells to get where he is today. He deserves to know that he can actually be more than just the God of War aka. The Ghost of Sparta and to be worshipped for it this time rather than to be feared. I genuinely have no clue where this series can go after this besides Atreus returning all grown up and them tag teaming the future Gods who abuse their power.

  15. I think this ends with them agreeing to keep CoD off gamepass for at least a year or until the next games release. I’m not sure about the other demands

  16. 70b for basically cod and candy crush (actual money makers) and microsoft are not able to put cod day 1 on gamepass? Sounds like a bad deal

  17. I’m obviously not an expert on all of this and not sure how all this will really end but they will at least have the exclusive marketing rights like PlayStation has so it should have the same advantages that PS has currently along with getting all the old titles on gamepass and future release of the new one. Don’t forget the possible exclusive packs they might do

  18. I have a few friends that are savoring every bite and not trying to beat it too fast also depending on how much side content people do, they can beat the game around the 30-40 hour mark (I beat it at 31). Also it dropped on a Wednesday and most people probably don’t play till the weekend. But I don’t think that percentage is bad. I got platinum a week later and the trophy for that said 0.8%

  19. Tbh I think Destiny might be the only game that could reach their level but I believe their split with Activision and focus on growth expanding Bungie to release multiple games and media content has taken a lot of resources from Destiny 2 which is why we keep getting Shadowkeep like content with a campaign and nothing like Forsaken. Also they needed to rely on the casuals to fill pockets while they expanded because at the time they did have Sony especially since making a new destiny would be more expensive so they decided to continue with what they have which is why we haven’t seen much upgrades. Though I do believe the new saga in 2025 is when we could see major much needed changes because they now have the backing of Sony. Don’t forget Destiny 2 was originally designed as a 2-3 year only product that is now on it’s 5th year

  20. All I’m thinking is that someone is getting fired but that’s not my problem. LOOK AT ALL THIS CHEESE!!

  21. I think 2029 will be the actual release. I also expect a pro version by 2025 before that.

  22. I think 2029 will be the actual release because of how slow the first two years have been. I also expect a pro version by 2025 before that.

  23. For those who don’t know the definition of the word ‘likely’: “such as well might happen or be true; probable”. Which it is so please cope harder. This isn’t misleading/clickbait.

  24. I just want new game plus. There doesn’t need to be any of that other stuff

  25. I like all of Tarantino movies but he sure can say some really stupid things. Not every opinion needs to leave that big ass head of his

  26. Sony knows it won’t lose CoD. They just don’t want it on gamepass which no future multiplayer of theirs can match up against and make people stay. If anything they would need a bigger quantity of multiplayer games to keep people on PlayStation for it to match the pull of CoD

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