Because Rhianna and Umbrella are trending tonight I'm legally required to repost one of the best things in America over 20 years

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

[Happy crab noises]

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AITA for getting my fiance's family gifts that were too personal for Christmas when I'm new to them?

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Suffering from a broken heart

  1. I have thought about the parkrun, it's a great suggestion however I work Saturdays! Sounds like you need to have a visit and get back on the fells 😀

  2. There's a couple of running groups in Windermere - they have FB pages. One is Susie Anton and the other is Jog On

  3. I am having issues with a non communicative tutor and student services have been really helpful. I understand your frustration as it really drags you down and you are left wondering if you are doing things right or not. Especially when the feedback is crap, contradictory or non existent. Try and carry on regardless and keep up with the module work, and remember, someone else marks your EMA. Good luck.

  4. Speak to Student Services recruitment team would be the first thing to do.

  5. There seem to be a lot of tutor related issues this year across modules. Student Services are certainly being kept busy!

  6. Always been Blu-Ray. Worked in retail - it's definitely BLU-RAY.

  7. It shows, that knee spin near the end and the suicide flip to finish it off. ooo chef's kiss

  8. That is just like the George Sampson BGT winning routine 2008 - the rain, the umbrella, the suit, the flip. Not new.

  9. As someone who is cursed with a GF lifestyle I appreciate a good pizza.

  10. Schar do a good base if you like thin and crispy and build your own topping

  11. I still prefer to eat out of bowls tbh. It just tastes better. And no 3 looks great 🍜

  12. What's a chocolate lime mint? Need cheese and onion pie/pasty and meat and potato pie.

  13. I remember Duracell but we had Eveready batteries because they were cheaper :/

  14. NTA you have done everything right and I'm sorry they are treating you this way. Ex is passive aggressive and toxic. Your parents will see through it one day but you will and should move on with your life and keep surrounding yourself with good friends. Anyone who says otherwise should walk a mile in your shoes. Just keep being you and best wishes for the future.

  15. Growing something from seed, sunflower, cress, mint.. provide pots, compost seeds - provides activity, engagement and discussion on the whole process and learning about food and the environment etc

  16. Every frigging app has to give notifications every 30 minutes. Even the apps that were on my phone to begin with. Its stupid. Like, I wanna know when someone messages me, but no, I do not want to add random people as friends on any of those apps. Yes I wanna get news updates, but I don't give a shat about some idiotic celebrity person who has had zero affect on my life. Yes I want to buy that thing, but no I don't care if its 30 cents cheaper right now, I didnt check out because i wasnt ready to buy it. Yes I enjoy watching those videos,, but no i don't care to watch them the second they are posted. Ultimately, my phone is now on silent. Its like I got myself a pocket vibrator going off every few minutes. Sorry guys if I dont answer your call or text, you can thank Amazon, reddit, snapchat, youtube, cashapp, Google News, etc for my neglect. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  17. But then I don't get notifications for the things I want notifications for. Its a lose lose situation. Like on snapchat, I wanna be notified if someone snaps me, but I really don't want notifications of random people that snapchat thinks I should be friends with.

  18. Yes you can you can switch on the notifications for the apps you want

  19. NTA. Your gifts sound very thoughtful and you ran them by Noah. Not sure what's going on with his family but in the future you can save a lot of time getting generic gifts.

  20. I don't think she should bother next time. No more family Christmas, they are toxic.

  21. Nose strips specifically for this. Start a good cleaner and tone routine daily with once weekly exfoliation and mask.

  22. What is broiled? Did your sear first? It looks very tender.

  23. You should try your local delicatessen or foreign food stores, I got one recently that has a health warning on and some halipeno hot honey that is great to use as a baste.

  24. If it's too big, that stunning pot you made is perfect for my jade plant.

  25. I’ve searched for these online and have came up completely empty handed minus a few sites that claim to have pink facial tissues but the actual website isn’t available when clicked on the link, they are about 9in x 9in and have no writing or design other than faint dots lining two parallel edges. i’m not sure when or where she got them

  26. I bet Japanese beauty sites will have something other than white.

  27. Actually tipping cones from the depression prohibition. The rich would tip so the server would show them preferential service. Seat them faster, out their orders ahead, keep away the riffraff, etc. Since the customers were paying (and there was no law against it) restaurants slashed server wages and made getting tips the soul purpose of being a server. You tried like hell to get the "good tables" then the depression ended and more people were able to pay to get service and since nobody told the establishments they had to pay a living wage, they never did. And now we're here where people are working for tips and not getting tipped feels like (and basically is) not getting paid.

  28. That's might be the American version but other countries tip to compliment good service.

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