1. I’m 20 and a college student. never had my first kiss or boyfriend since 6th grade.

  2. Meh youre still good. You’ve got plenty of time. Just keep in mind as much as women seem to be intimidated by asking a guy out, it’s honestly one of most guys biggest fantasies to be the one perused for once!

  3. Thank you. It seems everyone is in agreement that I should just do it for me no matter what. I know she’ll stick around. My belly isn’t what she fell in love with, it’s just hard to take away something that my partner really likes about me yaknow?

  4. Yes definitely, but your own confidence and happiness comes first!! weight fluctuations happen anyway, if you love and fancy eachother you aren’t gonna be like “eww you gained/lose weight”. It’s a great move for ur health anyway so good luck ☺️

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