1. honestly after i destroyed an entire farming settlement for a temple I regretted it.

  2. They're definitely right, and adding Ca for BER is usually not a useful solution in any case.

  3. Process: -Draw a rough sketch of a Bulbasaur outline -Use Round Brush with 100% Opacity setting to draw on multiple layers over the outline -Duplicate layers and fill with black color -Use eraser to smoothen the edges as much as possible :)

  4. it's inside some sort of cocoon like sack it made with plant material and silk(?) not sure very weird

  5. Standard. Mini CD only works with the tray or the 'snap' in sections (like older laptop trays)

  6. update: just dropped $100 on office desk supplies and nail art supplies to fill whatever void is in me

  7. Driving with parents is the absolute worst. I don't get anxiety with anyone else as a passenger. Parents are just....extremely overreactive

  8. I used to think my dad was unique for being overreactive when I’m driving, but nah, it’s almost like everyone else’s dad is the exact same way. God I hope I don’t turn out the same in a few decades (I probably will).

  9. my dad went into a full detailed critique about my hand placements on the wheel

  10. I try to bask in those days as long as possible, sometimes if i'm lucky i'll get a full week!

  11. I’ve tried the add image option, but can’t get the images in the position i want them to be without them being obscured in some way. Am I doing this wrong? I made the 2 image files in ibis paint and are saved as transparent pngs bc i am still really new to procreate

  12. Tested positive and first symptoms started rapidly on the 21st of December Was painfully i'll for a week. Didn't start feeling long haul symptoms u too late January/ early February.

  13. This happened to me but I have sooo much houses around it and don’t want to destroy them :((

  14. UPDATE: I did it! was kind of devastating, but worth it. Thank you all! I have now also successfully taken over the Astari (peacefully)

  15. my brother is my favorite passenger i do prefer driving alone so i can just have fun singing

  16. Hey! Got my license last september at 24! I had NEVER driven before. Got behind the wheel a couple times to practice when I was about 16-18, but never did long and would immediately fall into a panic spiral. What got me to finally do it was my development of Agoraphobia and paranoia that i was a major inconvenience to everyone. One day i just went to the DMV, got my permit, and then scheduled driving lessons.

  17. You deserve good health. You deserve food freedom. PMDD triggers my ED. Feel like a life time long roller coaster of recovery. Lots of love

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