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  1. Absolutely love you and Gene Wilder. Young Frankenstein is my all-time favorite movie. 💙 Blazing Saddles, History of the World I, and Space Balls are in my top 10.

  2. That pan looks slicker than goose shit! Beautiful work, OP, keep it up! Let's see you hit 💯

  3. I'm currently at 87, and idk how that happened. 😂 I have around 4 or 5 that I picked up because they were a good price and thought I could sell them. No luck yet! Lol

  4. Boba Fett #490, C-3PO #454, DC Bombshells Batman #258 and Morpheue #1175

  5. I am, on the app and on their website. But I didn’t get an email. 😢

  6. Same! No notification for me either. I had zero idea that it dropped until I saw this post. Smh

  7. I’m in the US, so o probably not. LOL. Thanks for replying though. Enjoy your collection!

  8. I snagged this chase for my wife. She loves the Shining and all things horror.

  9. Pineapple is suuuuper fruity. It seems obvious but it really has an insanely good smell. I would definitely go for that one. White truffle is also good, more of a light floral smell and taste but has good Indica/nighttime effects. I don't like ICC personally.

  10. They have pineapple dry resin and crumble wax. Any idea what dry resin is? Which did you have?

  11. Hmm it was awhile ago but I think the crumble. I've had the sauce of it too and it was great. Idk what dry resin is. Maybe shatter? I would go with the crumble.

  12. Line at Sunnyside was ridiculous. Ended up going to Verilife and grabbed Butterfly Effect Notorious. First time having BE concentrate, and I think it's really good.

  13. I have an Elvis Blue Hawaii that I bought, brand new from a dept store and he's missing the Lei. I also bought one of him with the Lei. In hindsight, I wish I would have went to the service desk and had then sign my receipt or something saying I didn't open it and take the Lei off. Lol

  14. Who's the seller? I'm curious to see if they have anything I like. I would love to order from a seller who is quality.

  15. To get the glow in the dark to work, did you hold it up to a light for a bit? We picked up the glow Leprechaun figure and he doesn't seem to glow.

  16. I'm in Cincinnati Ohio and this is how our section looked at the beechmont location. They are doing some rearranging now and it no longer looks like this. I'm really hoping that the way they have it right now is temporary because it is horrible.

  17. I usually use a toaster oven instead. Takes longer but the results are much better, imo.

  18. I prefer the AR and then BR. The GF prefers BE, which is really good but the taste is SO strong and I'm not a fan of the heavy aftertaste.

  19. If you don't mind subpar flower, possibility of a fly wing and zero customer service, go for it! Lol Seriously though, I had a fly wing in my 2nd and last purchase from them and they haven't replied to my emails. I think it's been almost a month. All good though, I won't purchase them again. I learned my lesson.

  20. No reply from them... sampled the item, not impressed in the slightest. This was my second time trying them and my last. 🤷‍♂️

  21. So more than likely, since they don't use pesticides, they have some sort of overhead bug zapping/sticking system and maybe a fly zapped/struggled one of his wings off which cascaded gently onto your bud where it immediately stuck due to the extremely resinous buds that Meigs is known for

  22. This sounds plausible. It happens, I'm not upset. Gonna email them and let them know so they can adjust something or work on the quality control. I was worried the whole bug was in there. 😬

  23. I passed with the Monkey whizz like 6 months ago. Really easy to use, just gotta keep it in the right temp and your golden... pun intended. Lol

  24. I've made cannabutter with AVB and every time I eat something that contains it, it kills my stomach. Idk if it's edibles that irratate my IBS or the AVB.

  25. I must be sick cause everytime I see BBC the first thing that pops to my mind isn’t some weed

  26. British Broadcasting Corp... that's what you thought, right? 😂

  27. Lmao. I got a notification at 4:20 from Pizza Hut like, “munchies anyone?” Marketing at its finest lol.

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