1. I passed with the Monkey whizz like 6 months ago. Really easy to use, just gotta keep it in the right temp and your golden... pun intended. Lol

  2. I've made cannabutter with AVB and every time I eat something that contains it, it kills my stomach. Idk if it's edibles that irratate my IBS or the AVB.

  3. I must be sick cause everytime I see BBC the first thing that pops to my mind isn’t some weed

  4. British Broadcasting Corp... that's what you thought, right? 😂

  5. Lmao. I got a notification at 4:20 from Pizza Hut like, “munchies anyone?” Marketing at its finest lol.

  6. Idk how ya'll get any service from them. It was a nightmare returning my 2 month old Crafty+ that crapped out. Worst customer service experience of my life. Good product but the service drags it down SO much. Think I'll be sticking with my Pax.

  7. Blueberry def tastes Blue and 2nd breakfast tastes ike syrup. So I would say no.

  8. And Astral Destiny tastes like... well, not entirely sure but that manure smell is def there. Lol

  9. So after buying a 20 pack on Amazon for 20 bucks. I threw 9 in my jars and still had 11 remaining. I sealed everything remaining back in the pouch it came in. After a few days I checked them. Even though I tried to get all the air out of the pouch before sealing obviously i didn’t get it all and most of my pouches were crystallized. So instead of buying more I decided to try recharging them. I put them on top of a silicone brick, surrounded by distilled water in a sealed container for 6 days and BAM…back to normal. ( Do not put them directly in the water! ) I was really expecting to feel small crystals but there’s not a single crystal. It works great. So if you don’t feel like reordering every five minutes or you need to save some cash this is a good way.

  10. Does it need to be a silicone brick or just something to keep them outta the water?

  11. I thought the Spotify QR code was really cool... but it didn't work. 🤷‍♂️

  12. I just picked up the same stuff and my Spotify QR had a huge sticker over it 😂

  13. Gelato is so ⛽️ and 🔥 My fav strain by them, that I've had.

  14. Yoooo but their Blue Blast tho 🙌 don't get me wrong, Gelato is the OG, but can't sleep on that Blue Queen 🌬️

  15. Haven't seen that one but will def give it a go. Good looking out!

  16. You think this stuff is funky, give Astral Destiny from Galenas a try lol

  17. If you want cheap and good, try POW. If Cincy doesn't have a good selection, try going to POW in Dayton. Picked up a Half of Cinmints and a 2.83 of Tahoe Jack for $110 last weekend.

  18. POW has been awesome for me. I've tried about 8 of their strains and liked all...LOVED almost all! Their Chiesel is my daily go-to...and Hell on Wheels hits like a Mac truck if I'm in need of some heavy medication. I've not met a strain from them that I didn't enjoy...I just hate their packaging. I have weakness in my hands and their containers are a bit of a struggle for me some days.

  19. I agree! Those containers suck! Lol I have found that if I push on one side that has "push" on it, I can usually pop one side of the lid and then push the other side easily.

  20. Blue balls. Perhaps someone should find the hole that toy goes in before it's too hard and...

  21. Have bought their Gelato a few times recently and WOW straight gas as soon as I open the jar. POW is very good for the price.

  22. As soon as I saw it at a local shop, I had to buy it. They each have a different smoking method, blunt, joint and a dab rig. Lol

  23. Best vaporizer for flower would be a Mighty or Crafty in my opinion. They are pricey, although there might be some good sales going on. Don’t go cheap or you will hate it.

  24. I will agree that the quality of these are great... Customer service on the other hand is crap. I spent 3 months dealing with them after my brand new Crafty+ stopped charging after 2 months. Due to this experience, I haven't opened the replacement they sent me... so I'm looking to sell it. Brand new, still in packaging and some extra accessories. DM me if you are interested.

  25. grabbed some today and can say the buds look the best of any firelands i've seen yet

  26. I agree. Not much flavor or smell though. I've had mine since Friday and have been burping the jar. I think the smell has started to develop now. My guess is, it wasn't cured long enough. 🤷‍♂️

  27. They always have amazing jars, just with they would send them to Monroe/cinci more

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