1. Context: This is a young lady who married young and has 3 children at 25. She spoke about how grateful she is to get to stay home with her children full time. It’s sick how people are so quick to dismiss the family unit and a woman who chose to be a mother, and does so lovingly.

  2. It's not very nice when people mock you for your perfectly normal lifestyle, is it? A lot of people on the right do it to single people all the time.

  3. All of those Capital One commercials with Charles Barkley and crew. And they’ve included Jennifer Garner this year, which surprisingly makes it even worse.

  4. I love the ones with just Charles, Samuel, and Spike. There are too many people involved more. I like Jennifer, but she is too fakey in these.

  5. Absolutely absurd. NOT the government's job.

  6. If you watched Guy coaching people on later seasons of Food Network Star then you've seen how good a teacher is. (I'm a teacher.) He is really great at getting to the point in an approachable way, without bringing the person down.

  7. Tragic. I feel so badly for him & how much she’s fxxking up his childhood bc of her own agenda 💔

  8. I absolutely agree. He doesn't deserve that.

  9. YES! YOU'RE HERE!!! I've missed you on Twitter!!!!!

  10. I HATE the music so much. It sounds satanic (I know the lyrics are about food). Yuck.

  11. This is really interesting. I'm absolutely JDIA and this makes even more sense.

  12. You're welcome!! I tried looking but nothing. Good luck!

  13. I'm pretty sure that the single woman thing a few weeks ago was about women, or more generally people, who spend their time boasting about the fact that they aren't married and don't have kids and spend time putting down those who are married with kids.

  14. Nope. Not at all. Go look at his tweets. I know how to read, thanks. He uses single and childless as derogatory terms.

  15. I may be in the minority but I really want KCIII to go all out for the coronation! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event and I want to see pomp and grandeur! I want to see all the rare tiaras and crowns and jewels. I know they want to trim down to reflect current living conditions, but it’s not like the BRF wears their blings all the time.

  16. I totally agree! I want to see it all!! No one wants royals in polo shirts. Anyone can wear a polo shirt. They aren't special. If you value history and tradition then don't minimize them. Charles is minimizing them. If he's going that way, then move into a tiny apartment, Charles. You don't need all those houses and all that land. Have 3 pairs of nice pants and some jeans.

  17. Wasn't there a time difference where Malinda was? I think that's how I've heard that explained. But it doesn't seem likely to me.

  18. Their daughter was brutally slaughtered. I wouldn't want one, but they can express some gallows humor if they want.

  19. Happy cake day. Please follow the recipe (seemed appropriate for the sub).

  20. Haha!! Thank you! I most definitely follow recipes! 😁

  21. I checked and I have the Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle and it says "Legacy," so no ads on Disney+, I think.

  22. House Hunters will call it a new season after ~12 episodes so they're on like season 230 haha

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