1. If you can, start wearing pride pins (if you haven't already). Aroace may not be as well known of an identity but I think most people would still recognize it as a pride pin. Also get the rainbow flag as well to solidify that you're not straight.

  2. I haven't told them yet, but their religious beliefs lead them to not only be queerphobic, but also believe that the highest level of happiness is marriage. So....

  3. Yes. I do not like it. Any respectable person wouldn't ship a canonical lesbian with a man, so why not show the same respect and not ship the Aroace characters?

  4. I'm fine with hugs I guess but I HATE hand-holding. Either my hand or theirs always gets super sweaty so I feel self conscious and uncomfortable.

  5. Medieval punk rock star with a lot a eyeliner and that mane of hair style from the eighties

  6. I know I do. I think most of my songs I'd be fine with sharing, but there are some that I'd never reveal to the rest of the world.

  7. I don't think you're being petty. I think this is a common feeling for people like us, and a common worry as well.

  8. I got flamboyant, entirely accurate apart from owning a bunch of Aroace pride stuff, but I do want to own a bunch of Aroace pride stuff


  10. Whenever our neighbors have people over, they park in front of our house instead of the neighbor's.

  11. They’re based on how much you scroll. So you scroll like 3 posts and it equates to the size of a banana (I don’t know how much 1 banana actually equals)

  12. I like to call myself gay, cause I feel strong aesthetic attraction to girls. I understand why someone wouldn't like that though.

  13. Could you do "quaromantic?" It's when you feel alterous forms of attraction in place of romantic or sexual attraction.

  14. I've been getting many suggestions (I didn't expect this post to get so many upvotes and comments) so it's pretty hard to select which to choose to include, but I'll do it in another ep!

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