1. So dude claims he did lift weights for 2 hours + 1 hour cardio on the bike EVERYDAY for 5 weeks straight and did not get over trained, also thats not counting in the stress/dmg hes regular work puts on him. Naaaah he used steroids and we can see that from hes gyno. xD

  2. So many people who are jealous of Mikes hard work and start hating with 0 evidence. xD

  3. Super easy just check out my instagram cause im 1 of the few who is actually natural unlike all the fakers out there.

  4. Nope no recreational drugs at all, they destroy the body in the long run and i wanna build up my body in the long run. :D <3

  5. Just another beta male who jumped on the juice, we can see that by hes mentality also in this video that he is a beta male.

  6. Guy is a known fake natty who took

  7. Neither, i toss you into the kitchen so you can cook food and then i would take you to the gym so you can start taking care of yourself.

  8. Ah just another disgusting fake natty, but not suprised at all since fake natties are popping up like mushrooms these days...

  9. Like i said earlier somebody has given you retarded advice and we can use myself as an example.

  10. We can take today as an example, thursdays im allowed to eat 2500 calories but i usually eat 2400 calories cause on my diet im allowed to eat 15,000 calories/week but i usually have a -100 cal deficit as a buffert but not today i probaly will eat less on sunday.

  11. Thanks for the comment. Sometimes I think I’m small and I second guess my workouts but I must be doing something right if you think I look like I’m not natty. My form can be improved on all exercises and I don’t focus too much on the weight that I’m doing. I like to focus more on the mind muscle connection and lifting with good form so I don’t get hurt but I can definitely want to get stronger.

  12. I’ve never taken steroids or any other PEDs and I don’t plan on it. There’s no need to be disrespectful just because you disagree with me.

  13. Just commented on that retards instagram, he went full retard jumped on steroids without training developed gyno and chest & back acne for a bad body...

  14. 99,9% chance steroids if what you say is true which pictures seem to back up also.

  15. Hard to tell, what i know Dallas Mccarver died at age 26 but not sure how long he been on steroids. If we assume Dallas done steroids for 10 years he started at age 16.

  16. Dude, are you a fortune teller?

  17. Nope, but we can easily see a pattern. There has been alot of people taking steroids lately and dying before 50 years old.

  18. i know people that started losing their hair at 16, it’s different for everyone.

  19. And there is many, many, many videos and stories out there of people starting steroids as early as 14 year old which would explain why they started losing their hair at 16 years old so your point is? ^.-

  20. i started losing my hair at 16 and im natural.

  21. Sorry for not believing some random anomnous person on the internet who could be lying...

  22. Can’t tell if trolling or serious. This is beyond sad.

  23. 100% serious but i understand you want me to be troll cause you want to keep coping cause seeing my amazing body makes you sad.

  24. Sorry my bad, natural people who know how to train and are not retarded don't use wrist wraps. <3

  25. Don’t workout or eat for 6 weeks and everyone would shrivel up.

  26. Nope naturals would keep their mass, but you just been tricked into the fake natty world. Also why would he not be allowed to eat in a hospital? xD

  27. Naturals would keep their mass after not working out for 6 weeks? Why would anyone go to the gym on a regular basis then?

  28. Hmmmm why would be people go to the gym? Yeah not like they can go to the gym to get bigger or stronger or faster or just to be healthy or just cause they like the feeling of training or to be able to eat more food. Naaaah people could defiently not go to the gym for any of those reasons...

  29. OP i the result what happens when a vegan feminist boy makes kids with a crossfit women who trained crossfit for the WHOLE 9 months the baby was in the belly. xD

  30. What Mike is saying is truth, people focus to much on uneeded and small things and never go forward and put the hard work in...

  31. In 100m sprint 5-10% is a difference between a complete nobody amateur sprinter and the greatest sprinters of all time. Just because everyone at the top is using doesn't mean it makes a huge difference in absolute terms. Same thing in any other highly competitive sports.

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