1. He wanted to pursue his ambitions. Felt trapped behind the shows format cause he's more stand up driven and that's what he loves.

  2. Interesting. I saw his stand-up in Melbourne and it wasn’t really stand up. He spent 45 minutes of the hour lecturing the audience on race relations in the US.

  3. Could be fun! Snowboarder bros, cute ski instructors, snowshoe hiking types, serious skiers, people who just like to sit and drink

  4. I’m working 5 away from Ghot . Sounds like they will be getting a visit

  5. Zesty Gold is an incredible flavor. Can’t even describe it. It’s all good, though. Enjoy.

  6. They do. I typically order half zesty gold, half garlic parm. I will say, I just like garlic parm, but it’s not the best or most unique in their sauce choice. But it’s all great

  7. To give a truly helpful answer think we need more details, e.g.

  8. I live alone. It’s just for me. I do not not plan to make a lot of milk-based drinks, mostly pulling shots. If they dipped into milk-based, it would only be cortado or proper macchiato. I have enough counter space for a whole rig. I am looking to tinker. I’ve lived in, and travel to, great coffee cities and countries. I’ve just never taken the dive on my own setup.

  9. Nobody knew what Under Armour was before around 2010 at least...I didn't even know it was founded in the 90s.

  10. I was wearing it playing high school football in 2005, and had worn in it middle school lacrosse 2003-05. I remember getting it at Dick’s Sporting Goods with my dad.

  11. She’s pretty Gen Z with the terrible mishmash of 90s and early 2000s attire

  12. Ya, pretty left wing over here. I just like caddy conversation over cigarettes and wine complaining and mockery

  13. Spent a summer living in Togo. The Chinese are all over the place protecting their cargo ships, but nothing else.

  14. I would say that if he drove there and drove back it's illegal for him to leave on his own after 2-3 of those in that timeframe, work standards aside. I don't see a reason for anyone to ever have 5 drinks at a work lunch. Maybe 1-2. That's just drinking, not working. He can do that on his own time. Inappropriate no matter what, even if a client was drinking that much I would be professional on my end for sure.

  15. Mostly economic. Poor people have more children. We’re approaching 8 billion people on the planet. Just because it’s declining in the developed world doesn’t mean it’s declining over all

  16. I dunno. I think this is a bad take. I lived in Australia for two years, and didn’t have a job lined up when my visa ended to come back to the states. I sent my shit home and backpacked throughout SE and East Asia for 3 months. Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Japan. Bangkok was probably my favorite city, and all anyone ever asks me about, or makes smirking allusions to, is the sex industry. It’s a giant city with museums, temples, culture, some of the best food.

  17. Accounting ERP SaaS, took a dip as people held off in October/November, looks like they’re buying in December for January implementations.

  18. No, and what sucks is my competitors lie about our software capabilities all the time and it works. They are, in fact, the sucky option. We are the enterprise, price-y get what you pay for option. People just don’t want to pony up the cash, and it’s a nice excuse to believe the lies even when we prove it’s not true. Just gives them a reason to go with the lesser option.

  19. Nope 32 gbs is still enough, except if you're using some professional application that needs tons of ram. A bit of multitasking doesn't require more than 32 gbs (even a lot tbh)

  20. It's the same hallmark movie written a thousand times with minor alterations in the setup but it really is good, especially the ending. I really like how it shows that relationships are made as opposed to this instanteous kind of thing. It's pretty funny in a lot of parts like how he just works in a maximally generic business factory doing business. Also I love boring and mundane people so I really liked the actress lead

  21. Doesn’t he run his FIL’s tire store, and keep a bottle of Jack Daniels in the desk? At one point he says, “You must need this every day,” to his other self.

  22. I paid my friend’s sister $75 to write mine after I spent 3-4 months applying to almost 300 jobs to no avail. Two weeks after using hers, I had 5 interviews and 2 offers in 2019. It got me my first job in tech sales as an SDR. That company promoted me to Enterprise SDR while being acquired. Acquiring company promoted me to Account Executive. Left that job in May for a better Account Exec position at a better company. In 3-4 years I’ve gone from SDR to full AE, and from making $60k to nearly $200k. I’d say it was worth it to have her rework and write my resume.

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