1. Looking at the standings right now, what makes you think we won’t be up against mavs first round?

  2. Lakers are better. Kyrie doesn’t even wanna be on the Mavs and they’re a generationally bad defense now.

  3. You caught me bro I’m so angry that Steph’s son is coming back early to make the Grizzlies worse again

  4. I'm confused. On the one hand I want our boy back. On the other.. what counseling program takes less than a week?

  5. therapy is about helping you figure things out, a therapist doesn't do it for you or tell you what you need to do

  6. nah bro. he doesn’t have the home-stat sheet guys. did you forget his stats are fake ?

  7. They’re going to win, guys. Relax.

  8. The league is going to suspend him. Wouldn’t expect him back any earlier than April.

  9. Because their best player ditches them for his gang banger friends on road trips and it makes them feel left out so they all have low confidence

  10. We are among worst 4th quarter teams in the league, ffs.

  11. we are not a great team rn lol, we are a distracted team not playing to its potential

  12. Distraction comes with our youth. We ARE a great team. Just need to come together and need our leader to take accountability.

  13. If i told you at halftime that Ja would end the game with 39-10-10. Would you believe me ?

  14. Even though Liverpool haven’t been in form. It’s hard to say it’s not VVD year in and year out.

  15. you would think a team should be excited for their team getting FREE throws… NOPE; not me.

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