1. The AI controlling the barriers just became sentient and is panicking because it can't feel its legs.

  2. If a pornstar is getting undressed... Aren't they getting dressed for work ?

  3. Is he a cop or a normal citizen who is casually shooting criminals⁉️

  4. Are wo me glti se tumhare papa k phone pr send kr diya tha

  5. Deba re deba ... Me to truck walo ko unpar samajta tha.. par yeh to IAS officer nikla.. truck bhar ke kitab copy le jaaha hai padai karne

  6. I think they are helpful for people at night and I also think they look cool!

  7. Nahi doge to sadi utha ke apna ling darshan dete hai,honest experience

  8. Just normal people, who are never accepted like normal people in society.

  9. Tell them to act like normal people first. They want to live in, society will never accept things like "chikne de na","nanga hoke mangna". Nowadays it even makes dout are they biological or some freaks for money.

  10. Kuch zyada hi dark hai. Na samjho toh hi better hai. Main comments padh ke samjha. Ab regret kar raha hu.

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