1. I remember Forczyk saying as much. It’s incredible seeing how many times Soviet formations should’ve crushed Axis ones on paper, but just weren’t given the time for a proper plan nor had the ability to coordinate with the artillery and infantry.

  2. The more I read this the more I wonder if LP was actually reading the sources.

  3. i know of at least 5, two times with the Challenger, the LeClerc, the chinese APDS ammonition and the latest was two leaks with the F-16 and the F-15E

  4. Or uh ... "weirder," that being Spanish speaking and Catholic is what makes a country poor and corrupt, not five centuries of colonization.

  5. Or that the political situations in and outside of the country contribute to it instead of it simply being the language and religion.

  6. Yes, very much from 1941 all the way to 1945. A lot of raw materials (steel, aluminum), food, ammo, weapons, trucks were all sent to the Soviets.

  7. Probably, Saw won against Cosmo due to becoming better at his base strikes and doing such an unorthodox move that no one else could replicate.

  8. Well the obvious one is to not get into a body slam. You can sort of mitigate it by doing a break fall but if it happens to you on the street you’re gonna have a bad time.

  9. Watch it, then watch it again because you’ve inevitability forgotten some funny joke

  10. How does this fit in with the fact that the spear wielding phalanxes of Alexander the great were succeeded by the sword using legions of Rome?

  11. A difference in tactics, formation, different generals, economic and demographic situation, etc.

  12. They aren't "primarily formation weapons". There is almost no situation except tight quarters where a sword is better than a spear. Look at any actual historical arms manuals or discussions of battles or fights.

  13. I mean if you actually look at Codex Wallenstein, Fiore, Gladiatoria, you definitely see plays and movements showing how to beat a spear. A big factor is having armor, but even there are unarmored plays showing people fencing with shorter weapons and winning.

  14. " My boyfriend is a body builder and he'll flatten you! "

  15. Daro’s design for him is amazing. He just looks so imposing and massive.

  16. Emotionally starved kid who has had everything taken away from him finds a route where people love him.

  17. I promise you there's hundreds of missed shots per branch for each hit.

  18. Still can't believe people actually subscribe to that slaver's ideology

  19. It's because some men are desperate. The fundamental promises of patriarchy (that if you're a good boy and work hard you'll get a purpose in life and a woman and children that are DEFINITELY yours) are crumbling under their feet; rather than adapt and overcome, they'll cling to anyone who says, "Oh, the old ways are fine. In fact, double down!"

  20. I feel like they’re afraid of failure or that the hyper masculine way to life is the only way to be happy.

  21. Look at the YT videos covering the whole thing. Comment sections are littered with Tate fans.

  22. The US reverse engineers the radar, jet engines, proximity fuses, etc. of the F-14s and other jets on the Nimitz, and would have a huge advantage with the nuclear reactor. They’d also have good knowledge on roughly where the Japanese fleet is and would send some decapitation strikes with planes armed with harpoon missiles.

  23. this is correct. Europas Narben will have Speer and Bormann be reworked, and then V&J will rework Heydrich, Goering, Speidel, Schoerner and the Civil War.

  24. the devs have described the new GCW as more a power struggle akin to the aftermath of Stalin rather than a full blown war, majorly so Germany is paralyzed enough for everyone else to do their thing but still preserves its strength enough to actually be a factor in the Cold War.

  25. That makes a lot more sense tbh, and can probably incorporate some new spy and politicking mechanics. Some part of me is sad to see it go, but if it makes the mod deeper I’m for it.

  26. Liebert makes people think he’s the (metaphorical) reincarnation of Hitler, does not even care about Nazism. What a chad (still a mass murderer though)

  27. The only way this happens is if the Germans completely and unconditionally surrender, and the Nazi leadership is handed over for war crime trials.

  28. If manga is allowed, I suggest Vagabond, though it’s also based on a novel with the same name (unfortunately never read it). It details the life of Miyamoto Musashi, one of the most prolific Japanese swordsman of the later Sengoku era.

  29. Yeah. Indonesia, Rwanda, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Cambodia, the list goes on.

  30. I remember a passage in this book that described how the only way one of the soldiers could briing himself to execute a mother and child was to first kill the mother, then the child. In his mind he justified that since the child is now motherless, he was being merciful to the child because otherwise it would be all alone.

  31. Well I’ve done some boxing and taekwondo. But I’m also 5 ft 4. I’m screwed.

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