1. Haven't tried Reaper yet myself, I've actually been having trouble getting my Launchkey to work on the Steam Deck at all.

  2. It's all part of the process unfortunately, you cant be a producing machine non stop, eventually you run out of ideas, and need to find some inspiration somewhere by taking a break from it. In my experience it's better to accept this and not put too much pressure on yourself. If it were me, I'd have a break, wait for the motivation to come back and then push towards releasing an album of tracks. Don't worry how it will be received because of the style, you almost need to make it a habit of finishing tracks even if you're not entirely sure about them.

  3. I'm sure I need to find some more inspiration somewhere. Like I said it's been a month since my last track, and I have jumped back into it every now and then trying to find an idea but I just get right off after playing around for a little bit. Perhaps I need a longer break for this one.

  4. I don't. I just sit there, get rid of all distractions, realize how important it is to me. sit there some more. put my hands on the keyboard/guitar or midi and go. there is so much you can't describe in life, so I let myself laugh, cry, scream. whatever. Then I just move my hands.

  5. It's not super tedious. Typically I'll sit there and drone with a pad, record some of it as I mess with the knobs, and the fun part is adding other instruments like keys and percussion to give it some sort of depth. A lot of the time I can add a drum beat to it so it isn't just some sort of droning music. That's not the only thing I want to do though, nobody wants to just sit and listen to that like I do, sleep to it maybe but I want to keep people interested. I try to get into melody and rhythm and most of what I've made has that, but I always end up hitting a creative block somewhere.

  6. Full makeup at "my 3080/6800XT needs an upgrade".

  7. I have a 2080. Am I due an upgrade or is this also clown makeup?

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  15. His PSU could be shot, or just not enough power. I had an RX 5700-XT that worked fine, and once I got the RTX 2080 the computer wouldn't boot at all, even with the 5700 put back into it. Turned out the PSU was the problem, don't remember if it was EVGA or Corsair but I got a SeaSonic 850W and it's been perfect since.

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  22. It isn't a zebrahead song. Another artist goes by this name and it was linked to the band falsely.

  23. That's interesting. I've wondered about it since it came out, never asked though. Thanks!

  24. Definitely think you made the right choice. πŸ‘ Although I've not used FL Studio, I think buying a DAW was the best investment I've made in a looong time. I was in a similar position to you when I bought Ableton Live a couple months ago and it's opened up so much for me. Been playing guitar since I was a kid and mainly just came up with little bits and pieces for fun, but getting a good DAW has provided massive amounts of creative and motivational juice! Getting a cheap MIDI keyboard (Β£30) was worth it too. Wouldn't have got as much out of Ableton without it.

  25. May I ask, what keyboard do you use for Ableton and how do you make it work? I've been trying to use it on and off for the past 3 years with my Launchkey MK2 (which it came with) and I've never been able to use it. I can use FL and other software just fine (mainly BandLab at this point for the easiness of plug n play and it's free), but I've been on Live 10 and I think just recently got updated to 11 and it still doesn't work.

  26. Just looked it up on Amazon and whew, that is a hell of a steal. I'll try to keep an eye out for one cheaper though. It's just frustrating that I bought the Launchkey and the DAW it came with doesn't even work with the damn thing. Well, it kind of works in the fact that the pads light up and it seems like the knobs have control when I load in effects, but no matter what I can't get any sound to come out.

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