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  1. Get a yocann armor, comes with a coil to smoke normal dabs that unscrews to a 510 thread battery only $30

  2. Was trying to get my card for PTSD, doc ended up saying “do you have any pain?” Boom got prescribed for chronic pain

  3. Well if you didn't have any pain, you'll have plenty once you see the prices and quality.

  4. I'm curious about the "single use device" label on the package. Are you just supposed to throw the whole thing away after one use? Seems like a massive waste.

  5. I might have to grab some tomorrow I’ve had my card for a long time now and still have yet to try layer cake ngl 😂😂

  6. Thanks! I've seen a lot of people using SF2000. I'll look into it and probably go ahead with the investment

  7. No but lmk how they are if you try them never seen em but would snatch a garlic cookies luster in a heartbeat

  8. It’s a great problem to have growmie. Check out dosidos #33 by Barney’s it’s do si dos and gelato #33 got it going in my tent rn ✌️

  9. Buckeye relief forsure. Sour blue diesel, jungle Mac, and 92 cookies are all great

  10. Dunno but the genetics are blueberry muffin x purple panty dropper

  11. Ok good looking. Was going to try and know they say thc doesn’t mean better high but I really have not smoked anything under 20%

  12. You should check out the jungle Mac sneak peek shits 31% and hits hard asf too got 8.49 for like $108

  13. Nope they aren’t. One time I was in jail on a nonviolent crime and there weren’t any drugs involved. A detective tried getting me to turn CI to make drug buys and said they weren’t interested if It wasn’t harder than weed and I was like wtf they tried telling me I’d go to prison yada ya and I was like nah take me back to jail and only got probation 😂😂 pigs are scummy as fuck

  14. Hii how many times did you top? Also did you top multiple branches at once? That’s an amazing canopy for 41 days, nice

  15. Lst 1st then I topped 3 times on all the growth tips worked out pretty well

  16. Looks really nice. What’d you do to it for training, how old is it, what how much light do you have?

  17. 41 days since sprout. I tied everything down and topped all the growth tips 3 times. My light is an hlg 65

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