1. All man... That utilitarian, cold-looking structure is so cool.

  2. Do they need direct hits to kill or will they fill the area with shrapnel ?

  3. When this war is over the stories these soldiers will tell and the footage seen will be beyond belief

  4. I have once been caught after passing the bins your supposed to dispose of anything 'suspicious'. They took me into a tent, confiscated my stuff and took my details etc (police) then I was thrown out.

  5. Did u get a fine for that or a conviction? Why did they take ur details for?

  6. They took my name and address etc down , can’t really remember what they said to me it’s all a bit of a blur now, since then I’ve never heard from them again!

  7. Genuine question as I don’t know, how did the Russians manage to take so much territory in the-past months of the war? given how bad they are performing and all the supply issues they have?

  8. I find it incredible that I can watch videos of people being blown up on a smoke break whilst I’m sat on my sofa debating which shoes I wear to the pub tonight. Fuck this war, I sincerely hope this all ends soon

  9. Scary how peaceful and beautiful this place is until that first round is fired then..just chaos! Kudos to all fighters who go through this hell

  10. That the government (UK for me) actually care about it’s ‘middle/lower class’ citizens

  11. A lot of these fighters are simply volunteers, many simply students who are underfunded and under trained yet still pose a big threat to the junta.

  12. Almost never see incoming fire from the source like that, wonder the distance?

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