TIL Andre Agassi won 10 of 11 matches after seeing a "tick" in Boris Becker's serve. Agassi could predict where Becker was serving based on whether Becker stuck his tongue out in the middle of his lip or to the left corner of his lip. Agassi told Becker over a pint of beer - after they retired.

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  1. Balenciaga campaign vibes ... is he also selling tshirts for $900?

  2. I've heard the AU version is really good. I like it mostly, but only for the builds. The script and editing is way too over-the-top and hyperactive for me. They always start commercials at eyerolling cliffhangers too

  3. Voting and getting snags. Speaking of which, time to go get my democracy Sausage

  4. It's still a rock retaining wall. Honestly, get some greenery in there and it'll look awesome. I really like it.

  5. But, he's married one of us. I can get on board with this guy, clearly gets us from his sexually transmitted Aussie-ness.

  6. Settled on first house Feb/March 2020, just as my job in the travel industry got farked. Was able to get in straight away and before the bank found out my job had been terminated. Literally days away from losing the house/deposit if the bank had found out. So, so lucky. Would never be able to afford another option if we'd missed this.

  7. Mmmm ... woodfire and stone, balwyn north. Literally the only thing I miss after moving from the area. The BEST.

  8. It’s not a write off or anything is it? I legit know nothing about cars lol

  9. On loan from the USA .. meant to be training up in Williamstown in NSW, but moved down due to flooding. Flying from Sale and Avalon. Quite a sight.

  10. Yep - heard them but by the time a ran outside they were gone.

  11. Check all your hoses for cracks/splits or could be one of your O2 sensors. We had a similar issue in our car. Mechanics couldn’t find anything wrong. Hubby decided to check all the hoses and sure enough one of them was cracked/split and taking in more air than it should causing the loss of power. We replaced it and it’s working fine now. Worth a try. 😃

  12. I’d trade it in, a dealership has people to make the call on it and will absorb the cost in the deal on the car you buy. Selling private knowing it’s dying without saying anything isn’t something I could do

  13. Yea that's my feeling. I can't lie/deceive anyone .... arrgh. Don't have much cash to spare at the moment (just like everyone else)

  14. 33g. Pretty sure that's over the personal use threshold ... congrats, you're now in 'intent to supply' territory

  15. My friend asked me what the red flags were. He thought it was a political party 🤣

  16. Starting the day with two eggs .. both double yolkers. 4 runny yolks, cooked to ooozy perfection. Perks of living near the BEST egg farm in Australia

  17. Your car bedroom is the biggest room in your house. You must love your car

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