1. Clan states tend to be safe isaaq rules over all the other clans the same way majeerteen rules over the other small clans thats why southern somalia isn’t safe because its population is triple the population of sl and pl also the resources and abundance in water

  2. It’s Genel energy and they can’t even drill in Somali territory their know to go to disputed areas like Kurdistan and steal resources

  3. The ceo already said they are gonna drill in somaliland despite Somalias statement, cry about it.

  4. Lol don’t worry you won’t have to wait long to see the oil being drilled

  5. Snm were always terrorists they stole my grandfathers land, homes and businesses in 1991 fuck them!

  6. Economically and politically make them reliant on us so that we can force them back in the union. Not go over and kill them.

  7. 😭😭do you think we reply on u guys economically and politically, doqon only way u can force us is an invasion and good luck with that

  8. SL cannot drill anything without permission from Somalia, you Landers are being tricked by your politicians. Multinational corporations have to follow international law so that they don’t get sued into oblivion, according to international law the the land and seas are the sovereign territory of Somalia, without Somalia’s permission no company will do anything.

  9. You guys said the same thing crying about dp world, we didn’t have your permission then and we don’t need it now. can’t wait till we start producing oil to see all the tears that will be dropped in this sever😢genel energy CEO already dismissed Somalia’s stupid statement and said everything will continue as planned. If you think Somalia will actually stop us from drilling ur a doqon. The oil has been tested in UK and shows our oil has a high API which makes it more valuable in the market 🤑🤑 2 billions barrels (and that’s only the start)

  10. These western organisations always mark poor african countries as the scapegoats for everything bad happening in the world, so it is no suprise they rank somalia lowest, bcz they know we cant fght back and question their decision.

  11. How is it biased when HSM got it office he legit dissolved two anti corruption agencies, don’t tell me Somalia doesn’t deserve 1st place 🤣

  12. No surprise since HSM dissolved two anti corruption agencies 😂like what doqon does that unless ur corrupt

  13. Lol. Man, their victim complex is sumthin else

  14. So someone calling us a yuhuud means we got a victim complex, got it 🤣👌

  15. Wait does op work in the Canadian Embassy? Struggling to orientate myself from the pic

  16. The flair has a Canadian flag on it for some reason lol

  17. She’s saying to deport them, I can actually show vids of u fasqsh calling for death of any isaaq/reer lascaanood that support SL

  18. I'm fully pro- Ukraine, but why does an unelected spouse of a government official have to do these PR appearances?

  19. They need to be reported to the Home Office and U.K. intelligence services. Death threats are a criminal offense. These kind of videos need to be widely circulated to catch the culprits.

  20. You just prompted me to Google Somaliland as i thought Somalia and Somaliland was the same country. There seems to be an interesting story there that I am going to find some more info on when I get the chance.

  21. No problem bro nice to educate people on my country. We formed a union with Somalia in 1960 as two different countries recognised internationally. The dictator killed 200,000+ isaaq ( the predominant clan in somaliland) and up to a million people all together so the SNM was formed (a rebel group that kicked them out of somaliland) with only 3000 people they successfully beat the Somali army who was the best miltary in Africa in the time and one of the best in the world (there’s a mig-21 we shot down in Hargeisa Somaliland). We re claimed our independence on 1991 18 may and since then we are one of the most democratic countries in east Africa. We have found 2 billion barrels of oil which we are about to start drilling but Somalia released statement says they are gonna stop it because they get no money (how sad) but they also tried to block us building a port (like why?) but that failed and also this will fail most likely. Here is a good vid on yt you should watch

  22. I like the idea of a private sub where we can discuss SL unbothered but this sub can’t be abandoned either.

  23. U runt Ur mouth alot the long run .... No one can cancel any scholarship without anyone can type a letter mate it's 2023


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