1. I've barely even been able to ride! Haha, Ohio winter be brutal sometimes. I know how much potential remote tilt opens up, just a matter of the trails drying up and getting some actual practice in. Just you wait, it's gonna be a wild year haha

  2. whats the learning curve like? was it trickier than expected? new video idea perhaps.

  3. He’s the one leading the Consumer product safety commission against OW. Maybe he is someone’s neighbor?

  4. how do u know that? based on an internet rumor? ur attending too many rallies bruh.

  5. I dunno, we’ve been offering to help them with development for years and the best we got so far was a cheese picnic 🤷‍♀️

  6. i gave up on them after the 4th email. that was after i told em how to risk-pool their CRM liabilities.

  7. a friend bought some n wore them camping. the rest of us spent the whole trip whacking his toes with sticks n wedging rocks into the toes when he wasnt wearing them lmao. good times!

  8. “While using the app” is an option on my iPhone

  9. but the auto record doesnt work without it operating in the background at all times. im dubious of that necessity. i think its data mining.

  10. Yeah, that helmets toast. Kudos for creativity, but you couldn’t pay me to wear that.

  11. id be worried about getting caught up in between the wheel n fender. little dogs lose limbs. not worth the narcissism imo.

  12. Same here in Switzerland. If they catch you, you can lose your driver’s license and face fines of up to 4000 CHF (roughly 4000 USD)

  13. so a 300+kg motorcycle that runs on fire and travels 200 kph is easily accommodated by ur traffic laws.

  14. seems like a legal oversight. could fix it with a letter maybe. but i live in the good ole US of A. we force our politicians to pander.

  15. in terms of our lowest common denominators, ppl only learn from pain or humiliation. case in point lol.

  16. It's unpredictable where the limit is. 20-22 seems to be fine. My nosedives (all, including the "recovered" ones except my first) came in the 24-26 mph range. When racing you anticipate, when the speed creeps up during cruise it can bite.

  17. lol ok rain man calculate this one! 185 lbs on bone stock xr, riding well-paved streets with a tire pressure of 16 psi. what's ur top speeds? flat and mildly downhill.

  18. I just ran out of

  19. Around 12-14 for this part, and it felt pretty stiff. Very little flex and the sidewalls don’t give no F***s.

  20. i rode one at 16 on the street. made a pint feel like a vega. could really feel that extra weight! but im riding a stock xr so "stable" is kind of a high standard. but i came from a pint n even that felt more stable.

  21. Looks like folks answered you YouTube questions already. As far as Facebook goes, the FB business pages are whack so we deactivated it. Instagram can be found here:


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