1. I have never tried a paid app. Reddit has been fruitful for me. There have been ups and downs and even some quiet time in between, but theres good people to meet here.

  2. Flash your titties at your husband. Send a sexy selfie to your MM.

  3. Hey, the girl knows that looks only go so far 😂.

  4. yeah... let me go with that response the next I meet an attractive woman. I'll PM the responses I get. 🤣

  5. Are you….meeting a lot of attractive women with dicks? 🤔

  6. None of my APs look alike, and none of them have looked like my SO.

  7. Once AP status, we can text all day, call when privacy is achieved. (thats from my end). I can usually match their style.

  8. I am the one that invites, so Im always ready to pay alone. if she insist in covering something, I welcome it but I dont demand/expect it.

  9. I feel like I went to sleep last night and woke up in the 1940s in this thread.

  10. There was no internet back then though, let alone Reddit 🤔🤣

  11. Yup, been the MM before. I have appreciated the heads up and just wish them luck and exit quietly. I always say, no harm no foul, you exit the same way you came in.

  12. The only thing I regret is waiting so long for my deadbedroom situation to change... I gave too many chances, tried for too long, all for nothing, to end up like this.

  13. Oh I already know I’m crying. That’s just the person I am. When I care, I care hard. So you can place your bets in me bawling. I’ve even told him I will change departments/facilities just so I won’t torture myself in having to be with him in the same department. Lol

  14. Yeah but caring hard doesnt mean to be oblivious to the reality of the situation. He is a married dude, youre single. If he didnt promise you to run off with you, fantasizing about it will only make you miserable, and if you do fantasize about it, its not up to him to save you from it. Thats on you.

  15. Nothing that a little communication cant fix... I mean, at pAP, youre getting to know eachother's style of communication, so just be upfront about it and go from there.

  16. Porn is too easy to access to deal with random strangers that require effort... let alone achieve a pic exchange. Nobody would do that.

  17. I think the pandemic funk got to everyone in some form or another.

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