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  1. Ah man when I first shaved my pubes and when it grew back I had even more respect for women because HOW DO YALL DEAL WITH THAT

  2. Same here I got 2.99% interest rate on a used 2011 Chevy Tahoe that had under 20k miles on it when I purchased. Drove all the way from Vegas to Cali to get it. 5 year loan, payments are $473 a month. Put down 9k, financed 26k of total $35k purchase. Will be paid off in sept 2017. I made 60k at time of purchase. Plan on keeping it for awhile because I do not want another car payment. $473 a month of additional free cash flow sounds nice to me.

  3. I might not even renew as I found someone who cultivates good quality and price is way lower, kinda sad because it’s nice to go to dispo and not lose my bud if pulled over but yeah ozs that are 280+ and half’s that are 140+(you can get a oz for that price)

  4. I mean damn even if you get pulled over x amount of times and they take your bud. Would it still be cheaper just to get more from your guy than buying it legitimately

  5. To add to that, I’m on probation for a few months and luckily my PO understands but if I’m pulled over with “street bud” then I get a Vop and I ain’t ever going back

  6. Most def but been trying to go more legit/legal in my life nowadays might seem stupid but turning a leaf if that makes sense after having a child just been avoiding risks. Sounds lame I know, it’s only a 2hr drive and I’d be fine.

  7. Sorry my Grammer is bad I have brain damage learning how to walk was alot easier then learning how to write for some reason

  8. No worries, my friend suffered a very bad accident with brain damage and I had to watch him learn to walk/talk/eat again. I got what you meant

  9. Idk I'm 40 but I'm newer to Marijuana just started two years ago never bought street weed but I bought some crap last week stuff tasted like hay one strain did the other which was a hybrid had no taste the indica was ahh at best but never will waste money on good green again wish there was a way to find out what companies are good and who to stay away from basically what I have found out pay more the better it is sucks though

  10. Oh yeah I’d take a look at some of the reviews in this subreddit before you make a choice as there is a lot of good info. Good green is def a lower tier I believe but also sadly factor in that sometiems people get bad batches and others will never run into it and think that strain is good. Also somebody can say it sucks and then you try it and love it. Take the reviews with a grain of salt, look at the packages when you buy them and see if they have a decent number of terpenes. It’s gotta be quite a bit of information to get all at once.

  11. Yeah it isn’t bad one batch I got had some young young seeds in it. You always know that smell when smoking lol

  12. Yeah you don't know good weed it looks like. If you have tried cokoh ever that tells me you don't know shit lol 😆 and must be poor. I could never buy that cheap ass cokoh. That automatically disqualifies you from a any thing. Lol The apres is fire. And klutch shill klutch hater . What's the difference?

  13. You saying “must be poor” cuz he bought from a cheaper cultivator. Makes you one of the people that supports these cultivators taxing like crazy. There’s actual medical patients not like some that are just here to get the smoke (not saying that’s you, but your attitude leans towards that)

  14. Picked up 3, 5.66 grams each of creamsicle z from superflux packaged in plastic bottle. Was unable to open, per instructions, on all 3. Had to cut through the plastic cap. Product is okay but their packaging sucks. Did not have a problem when I purchased their Donnie Burger strain.

  15. Is it that weird black top you have to press down super hard and twist? I mean I appreciate the child proof etc but yeah some of these are hard to open. I remember my first day I got the pinch to open. I didn’t know and ripped the whole top and spilled the smalls everywhere and my damn dog was trying to play hungry hippo as I’m trying to clean them up

  16. im getting some of this today. looks so good. hopefully it’s a heavy sedation.

  17. I do remember I was getting sleepy mid day smoking this. Also had a 60hr work week so could of been a blend. It was very pretty, I liked this and Donny burger

  18. I’ll add to this, because they’ll spout all of that but I don’t see them making any efforts for children who are abandoned to the state system

  19. I got shot and then no longer had the urge. And I guess this isn’t a random thing it’s happened to cig smokers etc

  20. (INSANELY LATE) but what did you have to get rid of it please help I've been struggling with the same situation and I really don't want to make an appointment because ive had this for a long time and I want to avoid the weird concversation..

  21. Doctors get weird stuff all the time it’s just life you’re going to feel awkward but it’s your health and you don’t want it to get worst.

  22. Damn dude did you still not go to the hospital? You prob got some type of dermatitis. I’d still get it checked I know it’s embarrassing, I had a rash near my shaft and my doctor is a woman and she’s like “I’ve seen so much stuff this isn’t new lol”

  23. Damn they must of hurt you. I’m curious tho which cultivator is “gas” to you

  24. Not even gumming it ? It wasn’t really numb but it was not like how my mouth normally is

  25. Yeah it isn’t cut with anything if it’s pure, and lidocaine is a numbing agent that’s cut with cocaine. Doesn’t mean it isn’t at least some high grade tho but def not pure

  26. Still a issue happened to me and I had some really fcking good scrolls I’m fcking sad, and then the game before I got instant killed but nothing touched me on the last boss second stage of it (ship one)

  27. Dishonorable discharge imma bank most likely no, as they got removed from the military due to something. Grain of salt tho as I’m not 100% sure

  28. It should have a strong piney skunk taste. That what I always remembered. Like I said before I’ve yet to find one that compares to the OG shit I grew. It was a great strain for epilepsy.

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