My Elden Ring painting

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  1. OP thanks for this, was having a off moment today and this brought up memories as a kid I enjoyed. My mother would play this with my uncles and then I started playing it until my uncles couldn’t beat me anymore haha. My mother left this plane of existence not too long after that. Gunna go redownload and play it or even play the console one

  2. Nobody can tell you this and I wish people would stop coming on here asking because nobody will know

  3. If you can’t handle a dinner without doing it might be some bigger issues here lol

  4. My first play though was the dung eater ending or whatever? Was too tired to try the others cuz I was dumb and didn’t do some pre saves

  5. They couldn’t get good or they skipped the tutorial cave or they tried to fight the gold guy on the horse loool

  6. A whole country government that actually cares is the only answer needed

  7. Takes out a lot of the cuts to increase purity. Im not 100% but I didn’t feel like googling

  8. Idk man I’ve never stayed up days using. Hope you figure stuff out

  9. Sorry can’t provide I’ve only seen half’s. Usually it’s big buds in the higher weights unless smalls is written

  10. Honestly unpopular opinion but idc - If I go into a duel I’m using everything the game provides. Too much whining and “rules” that are made up out of game.

  11. It really is. Seriously. The few people left who bother to defend this "sport" usually say it is some kind of exercise in honor and a celebration of vitality or some similar bullshit. But killing that bull is directly counter to that.

  12. There’s bigger things to worry about in this world vs a bill being slayed for show but is still cooked etc. vs Americans hunting for sports and leaving wounded animals running around or never even eating them. Your guys world you live in must be very easy and sheltered to even complain about something so small.

  13. The methods also depend if you’re reselling or trying to keep it for yourself. As you might wanna keep everything original if selling or etc idk

  14. Would u know if these legs are typically usable with the caps removed? I'm thinking of removing them altogether or if worst case clean them up n spray paint a gold color.

  15. Yes it should just be the wood leg itself if I’m not mistaken?. I build new furniture so anytime I’ve used Table leg caps etc I just pop the cap onto the end of the wood

  16. Yeah I had a Klutch cart once that I swear they loaded with perfume it tasted like body spray. I think it was Jealousy strain?

  17. Upvoting you cuz idk why you got downvoted. Gotta be careful got some weird Klutch fanatics in this program lol

  18. I haven’t touched the DW since the SilkR days, time to do some research as the quality around me is trassshhh or fet laced like wtf

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