Guys, where do you finish when you masturbate?

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  1. Shoot him with a mini nuke. It won't kill him but it will be funny.

  2. From what I heard they had a rather explosive reaction to it.

  3. In 2009 I swallowed am entire bottle of blood medication trying to kill myself. I'm still pretty sure the only reason I didn't die is because the pills were supposed to dissolve under your tongue and not be swallowed.

  4. It is kinda crazy but they admit that they have no idea what these things are.

  5. As someone with PTSD YTA. Are you a psychiatrist? Do you know anything about trauma therapy or how trauma can affect someone, especially a child? If you do, it seems that you are lacking empathy, and some principlessince a health professionalshouldn'tdiagnose a family member. If you don't, you are jumping to conclusions because you don't want your daughter to have PTS$

  6. That comic books only consist of Marvel, D.C.,and maybe... big maybe Image Comics. There are so many independent companies with excellent works, I include Image in that list, but due to Spawn I sometimes here it lumped in with Marvel and D.C. as one of the big three.

  7. What that is a real thing other guys did? I thought it was some kind of joke.

  8. Rosin, she is a true apostle and able to create a sonic boom that can kill a person just by flying by them. Moguz is a pseudo apostle, and where as he is very tanky I doubt that he can defend himself from something that moves that fast.

  9. Ya know I may be the only one here thinkingthis, but this was unexpected for me because it didn't start playing the Z-TV version.

  10. I don't know what is wrong with so many guys (cum jars, and wiping jizz on their own beds shudders). I have a specific set of hand/face towels that I use for finishing. If I feel the need I will get one of them wet with warm water and clean myself up afterwards.

  11. The biggest thing is to remember to track your moods, and any changes you have and making sure that if you have any major changes that you report it to your therapist or doctor quickly.

  12. Ghostface, so many people talk about how great scream was. But seriously it wasn't scary, Ghostface's costume design is extremely generic, and the movie imo barely is a horror movie. It's honestly more of a Thriller/Satire, so I honestly don't even count Ghostface as a Slasher Icon.

  13. Are you guys into D&D or other games like MTG? And if you aren't into D&D would you like to learn how to play?

  14. What is the point of being an adult if you don't take time to play, be goofy, and enjoy life. It sounds like you are having a great time Op, and it the end that is all that matters.

  15. Okay so OP you're NTA here at all. Your MIL, husband, and his Ex are all TA though. So your MIL is obviously trying to play games here and sabotage your marriage in hopes that your husband and the ex will get back together. The MIL actions are blatantly disrespectful to the relationship you and he have, and are meant to isolate you from him and his side of the family.

  16. I don't see any Pylons so it can't be the Protoss. Must be the colonists.

  17. Ah the mating rituals of human species, it's a lovely yet weird thing.

  18. Just tell her the truth, tell her that you would like her to ne your first. And if she gets upset about that then she can kick rocks. You don't need that kind of negative attitude in your life bro.

  19. Wakanda still doesn't have a sea border. In all of the shots by the sea they are either in the Caribbean or Central America.

  20. People are missing the obvious answer to this OP. Your game is cursed, you will be stuck wandering Vault 111 with over powered monstrous insects forever, until the game starts to merge with your real life. You will be trapped in that lonely Vault going mad, mourning you lost spouse, dying over and over again as you crave an end to this pitiful existence.

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