1. Oh so they're rushing things trying to break a record no wonder I had an orange 43 bud inside my zelato 5.66 jar

  2. Uhhh , how you kno it was something else ? Could be jus a diff pheno in the jar ! You ever thought of that ? How you kno it was orange 43 in the zelato

  3. Really you're going to question the difference between orange 43 and zelato definitely not another pheno I know what I smelled I know what I smoked they had mixed bud in the fucking jar

  4. Ok Mr pantys In a bunch . What I’m sayin is , how do you kno it’s that? Off a smell test? Lol ok

  5. Closest I can find is Solo Burger. It puts a smile on my face when I open the bag, cause it actually stinks up my house. Unlike most everything else I’ve had in Ohios program

  6. Yap ! It’s going ! They are everywhere in downtown Cincy rn . Damn near every block

  7. Noooo don’t do that . It means you need to update iPhone for the app. So go to the app and hit update

  8. JB or Bam getting the rebounds imo. At least they never do for me

  9. Think he’s sayin that he doesn’t trust bam and Jb to grab the rebounds op selected

  10. You ever heard real Gs move in silence ? They don’t need themselves or anyone else talkin them up cause they kno what they bout .

  11. Butler isn’t a big 3 shooter fr . He a post up and hit a turn around or lay ups . Or directs traffic and takes you one on one . Lol . Not much of a downtown shooter

  12. A fair amount of budtenders in rec states have minimal personal experience with cannabis and/or an even greater amount don't require nearly as much training. A lot of Ohio dispensaries are more focused on abiding by board regulations, but there are a decent few that are ran with a focus on cannabis knowledge to provide patient care.

  13. The whole “knowledge on cannabis” thing was jus pure facts . Some kno something bout it and some kno the basics . Some don’t kno shit fr .

  14. If you don't ask questions, you'll never get answers. If you happen to not get answers after asking questions, you should go to a dispensary with more knowledgeable staff. Whether you believe it or not, these places do exist in Ohio.

  15. Lol , your not getting what I’m sayin . I’m being facetious. They aren’t budtenders until they are actually touching and weighing our bud in front of us .

  16. Looking at their sales from another location don't think I'll be a customer

  17. Nectar is a Oregon based company . I’ve been to one in Oregon . Very very good stuff and in Oregon top shelf was 7 a g lmao . Yes I’ll be goin back soon on vacation

  18. Bro who gives a flying fuck . See this is the problem w society . Stop asking for your own fuckin answers . You want to kno about flower ? Go try it . Quit asking ppl what the fuck they think of this and that . That’s how this shit starts . Have a brain and some decision making skills of your own. And yes , that’s why I go to Michigan now too lol

  19. It means like a duplicate, something almost exactly the same as the original 💀

  20. I feel the same way & I’ll be 25 this year! the only reason I know the term as “slang” is because of tiktok, honestly 💀

  21. Jokic ain’t even shooting 3 threes tonight

  22. U really think lebron finna get swept gang u don't know basketball ball good slip jus not going denver money line no way

  23. What do you mean, I am a bit confused. Since the dry herd was vapes at 400* there was no combustion so there should not be any smoke present. The stain was also only present from seeds and strain buds not any other buds from any of the other growers. I was assuming it was pesticides or something sprayed on the bud itself pre shipping

  24. Reminds me of when Verilife did a spend $50 get a 5.66g jar of hay for free. Still haven't opened it lol.

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