1. Jaa jaake HILA LE fir😂😂. Guu Kutte ki cutie hai yeh bc. 🤢🤮. She is more like 🐷. Btw BC yeh hai kaun ? Kya lafda hai be ?

  2. Yes of course she is non - left. She is deeply rooted towards SANATHAN DHARMA. Many examples are there that proves my point absolutely right👍🏻. Overall you can say that she is RIGHT not FAR RIGHT 🔥🔥

  3. B Team of BJP. BC Modiji ne kuch acche karm hi kiye hai joh innhe aise virodhi mile hai. Yeh madarsachaap jab bhi apna mu kholta hai, BJP ke vote hi badhte hai.

  4. Sun ne me aata ha ki owaisi bjp walo ka banda ha🤔

  5. Recently, ISKCON didn't sign the letter raised by many Hindu institutions regarding hate crimes towards Hindus in the UK. Also, their High priest is standing with the Jihadis who are involved in Leceister Riots. Mostly, people are angry at ISKCON UK only.

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