1. Annoyingly, the USB C connector is just large enough that you can’t plug it into mains.

  2. Not just that, but it's also too short. It's about half the length of the AC prongs.

  3. It's funny, the old Samsung A series were super weak and would crack if you so dared as to look at them wrong. That's why I only ever recommend the 30 series or newer. I'm considering switching to the A33 soon, or waiting for the A34.

  4. I had a Galaxy A10, the screen cracked so easily. I got it in 2019 and it was covered in cracks by the end of 2020. Upgraded to the A21s, it was nice until it started slowing down near to 2 years old and the videos recorded would stutter. I upgraded to a Motorola Edge 20 Pro and the only thing I miss is up to three days battery life.

  5. Yeah, the cheap Samsung phones are pretty terrible. Like I said, when buying a Samsung phone, I would only ever go for the 30 series. Those now have great cameras, great screens, water resistance, and a lot of other great features that are typically found on phones about 3x their price.

  6. Huh, I thought UK plugs typically have fuses to prevent this from happening. Or are the burn marks from the fuses?

  7. I agree with the kid to be honest. Playing with a controller is like torture for me.

  8. Hence why I said it's torture for me. Some people like using controllers, and if that's how they choose to play, more power to them. I can't stand them. It feels wonky and loose to me.

  9. This is so true, you give a worm an inch, and he takes a mile or more. The whole thing I experienced was a rabbit hole, that plunged deeper and deeper.. I made the relationship last 5 years just to take it all away.

  10. Have you used a device with an N3060? I can assure you that's much more of a problem than having 4GBs of RAM. An Intel Pentium D scores higher on benchmarks than this CPU. This is for Windows XP level gaming.

  11. Yeah, I had a crappy laptop a few years back with that CPU. It would die if you even opened Google Chrome. The last few years or so, I've been using low-end laptops, so I finally decided to buy something with decent specs.

  12. Oddly enough I haven't noticed that personally. I guess my own characters are written well, but I still don't see this very often. The most common problem I've noticed is characters speaking for each other in rooms, and also starting to loose context after a while.

  13. Character's language model was trained primarily on internet roleplay forums. In forums, there are many cases of users threatening to report one another over something they deem as offensive or wrong. The AI is simply doing what it learnt to do, mimic human speech. In this case, it has learnt that threatening to report you might make you stop.


  15. Yeah, that's probably it. Although the odd thing is, the featured tab has barely changed since when I signed up to the site about 5 months ago. I imagine it will probably change though when the site leaves beta.

  16. As a creator myself, no. I can see and edit my character definitions, but I can't view other people's conversations with my characters (unless they post a screenshot somewhere or click the "Share conversation" button)

  17. That's average Daffy for ya, in the early Looney Tunes shorts he was absolutely batshit insane

  18. I can perfectly hear him say his output and these screenshots. Great job OP

  19. Thanks lol, I tried a lot to get him to match his original personality in the older shorts 🀣

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