1. I guess I’ll be the one to say it. Religion is not to be made fun of.

  2. It's not a half ass attempt, its a smart compromise between new and old and is how the franchise should be in general going forward. Weapon restrictions served no purpose whatsoever, all it did was make people pick classes just for their weapons, not their gadgets.

  3. He’s probably mad that she’s getting paid more than he ever will

  4. First of all hardcore sucks for jets, and I would stick to core.

  5. if you’re a really good pilot it doesn’t matter what gamemode you’re on ;)

  6. It dose hardcore, is significantly handicapping your awareness, no air radar and no 3rd person turns dogfighting into a guessing game, and allows for incredibly easy ways to sneak up on your opponent without the use of below radar or a timed Ecm… furthermore the lack of auto repair is just a massive annoyance, you can be sure that you will get hit enough over the time, be it by some single shots from the maa, bot aa, scout heli or what so ever not to meantion all the lockons that randomly will by pass your counter measures… the necessary landing to repair your jet takes away to much time which a good pilot will use to finde new targets and start farming kills.

  7. I acknowledge how annoying having to land to repair, constantly getting locked on and hit even with countermeasures deployed. Core makes it a bit easier to deal with with the autoregen. However, you can still work around not having a radar in HC. You look around in fpv to find targets to engage, and if you’re being engaged, looking around will help you find the attacking plane or target plane during evasive maneuvers. It takes some getting used to, but once you’ve got it down it becomes as easy as core. For new pilots, definitely start off with core, but for semi-experienced pilots looking to get better, hardcore is the way. :)

  8. Tried playing GA last night and the lag was insane compared to a couple of days ago

  9. This is nothing compared to some female grunts in the marines…

  10. Why do they look so trash bruh lol BOYS?!?? I can’t be the only one who sees this😭😭😭😭😂

  11. hey remember when we were kids and though the original xbox and ps games looked realistic? that’s them now 😂

  12. i would say no for a first car. get something more reliable

  13. That is a Blattodea. You can either use RAID, Clorox, or a flame to eliminate the threat.

  14. Rub your mouse on a flat surface until you see the pointer appear on your screen

  15. They decided to make 2042 ugly because war is ugly. Realism, ya know?

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