WCGW Getting her this loud microphone for her birthday

*Lowers face into palm*

I'm in this with you.

When laughter meets percussion

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  1. 3 levels of comedy intelligence on display here

  2. I’m half serious lol I’ve spent so much time and money on busted tires

  3. Wow way to rag on the singer of your favorite band

  4. He didnt have to return to rhcp to have a comfortable life. He was a millionaire and still is

  5. Lmaooo looking back on this and you got flamed so bad in this comment section 😂😂😂

  6. Well youre the one thinking the guitarist of one of your favorite bands came back simply for the money, its not my problem

  7. That line has never sit well with me given the incident with the "southern Marilyn Monroe." I just can't not think of that when I hear it

  8. Do you mind elaborating? Never heard of this

  9. Just some 14 year old girl he slept with early in his career. She was also the daughter of a police chief lol. I don't think Anthony knew her age but I also don't think he tried to find it out

  10. Ah okay. Yeah not surprised thanks for sharing

  11. As Theo would say, “ he got that ‘tism”

  12. Still went for over asking, but yeah, market is definitely cooling with interest rates like these.

  13. Recently did this exact thing on my 1942 house in East Oakland, DM me for recs

  14. This is his plan. He wants all of his employees in office working 10+ hour days. The people I know at SpaceX and Tesla confirm the same. His whole “trial by fire” approach to employees is very dotcom 1.0, and I suspect that’s why he’s doing it. It attracts a certain kind of talent and utterly repulses another kind. It also burns out junior talent like crazy, which may be another bonus from the business perspective.

  15. Niche skill set? I also feel those are layoff proof but maybe that’s not true

  16. It’s a startup tech conference I have to attend, it will happen in downtown Oakland. But everything is so damn expensive 😟

  17. Which conference if you don’t mind me asking?

  18. I thought west Oakland was gentrified? Obviously a noob here

  19. $25M loan minimum? This sparsely active community of 4.5k redditors surely is the best place to advertise this awesome program.

  20. The Stadium Arcadium audio Commentary or Song that made us who we are today

  21. I strongly suggest adding any information

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