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  1. Awe he's learning new words! He's growing! Wait till he learns repercussions.

  2. Fans aren't spinning, check the inside CPU fan and see if it's stuck, might be a safety shut off

  3. Need model number of power supply and rating. Also need GPU model an CPU model and how many HDD 's you have running.

  4. Gorilla Heavy Duty, Extra Long Double Sided Mounting Tape, 1" x 120", Black, (Pack of 1)

  5. Musk has helped in ways (albeit tangentially through services). Namely, Starlink has been quite valuable for those where normal internet access has been cut.

  6. Ya I remember the cave fiasco... He's trying and accomplishing a lot, and the cybertruck should be the first Tesla I can be comfortable in and not worry about paint.

  7. For your and your credits' sake I hope he lives up to his hype. Something tells me it's the old Musk 'n Grift, but good luck!

  8. He tends to have good product and follow through, just sets unrealistic timeframes.

  9. I've been wrong alot but I like learning too. Doesn't feel great, but I grow.

  10. I thought so but my cousins playing the same game but is only at like 50 percent

  11. I have an i5-9600k and he has an i7-10700k and we both play on low 1080p settings

  12. Yup the gap between an i7 and i5 is pretty big and he's a generation ahead.

  13. I'm careful about it now that I'm in a relationship with someone I'd like to keep around a while. She's pre-op.

  14. Blonde pulls a tampon from behind her ear... I can't find my pen either.

  15. Remember folks if you want to get away with murder hit someone with your car and say it was an accident.

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