1. I remember when my brother got arrested for growing pot in his garage. 1 plant. 10 police cars, guns, a scary looking van/tank thing and I guess they must have forgotten to tell us what day they were going to come arrest him for his horrible horrible crime that affected just him

  2. Imagine finding that special someone, now imagine you're the wrong gender for them, now imagine there several hundred organized religions that spread hate and fear and the most popular and powerful of these organizations are changing the laws in order to gets good portion of the population to vote for them after spreading fear and hate for profit.

  3. My renters insurance doesn't cover ebikes, just bikes, check your policy, found out hard way

  4. Meaning have everything handed to them and still be miserable, and others that had everything taken and are happier than ever.

  5. See if the on board video is taking priority, there's usually a bios setting to switch from dedicated to integrated graphics

  6. It is not about the war. Putin wants to be remembered in history, like all the other dictators and ruthless kings. Total lack of empathy, grandiosity and god complex. You know what that stands for in psychological field.

  7. Putin has small peepee and wants to prove it isn't before his dic pics go live.

  8. Russia runs out of men, money and equipment... Tries to see if they can get a consultation prize from a wimpier country.

  9. Yes and no. 4k (unlike 3dtv) is going to be a decent standard for a long time to come. It's crisp and clear on 65-80" screens up close, about 120hz - 240hz will be high end but 60 Hz 4k will probably be console, PC, and streaming device standard.

  10. Not reading dianetics, bible, Koran or anything else that wastes my time.

  11. It stays exactly there. Pressure mounted nut, consider it part of that panel.

  12. So.... It's a Drone that needs a surface to work?

  13. I wouldnt mind, at all, switching it. My dad said we could just simply replace the battery with a more potent one without any problems, is that what you're describing when talking about the controller? How would I go about checking the controller?

  14. I'd be interested in finding a place that can refurbish / upgrade existing batteries.

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