1. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! Going to try all of them eventually and determine my go-to! Been here for over year and still discovering places :)

  2. As a photographer, I offer elopement planning in addition to photography so I suggest finding someone else like me that does both! Will make your life easier and you only have to deal with one main vendor through the entire process. Also gonna throw it out there, I'm down to help with anything or any other vendors you need as well (makeup/hair/florist)! :)

  3. Congrats! My husband and I eloped in Iceland May 2019 and I consider myself a great trip planner but I can 100% without a doubt tell you using pink Iceland was worth every penny. We used our own photographer who was also will to help plan but I’m still grateful we used pink Iceland. We told them the general area (vik) and that I loved waterfalls and trusted them to plan the rest. The simplicity of just getting in the car, having a knowledgeable guide, a private waterfall to get married at, extra supplies (like coats, a picnic, and champagne), and she took us to the most incredible locations we would’ve never known to go. The whole day felt like such a fun adventure. All their positive reviews are well deserved. They also can plan for as small or big as youre willing to go and they had “add-ons” like the picnic even though your keeping it small. They set up a Skype meeting with you and give you a full cost breakdown too

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