1. Sometimes one jerk ruins everything else. Most people who want to talk to you about sports or whatever are probably just making conversation or they’re curious because their kids are tall. Someone on here recently said she replies to comments about her height with, “my parents paid extra for that.” If you can think of a way to just own it, it will pay off. People tend to like funny people.

  2. I should clarify that my point with this is that we should not focus on isolated body parts-especially not the back.

  3. Natural types seem to look different then everyone else in the back though. It’s like Kibbe width is easier to see.

  4. Gisele might be dramatic and is definitely soft summer. Keira Knightly is probably an autumn and definitely a dramatic.

  5. I believe she's soft autumn

  6. She appears significantly taller than j. Lo. Who is supposed to be 5’6”. I’d say she is probably FN or maybe dramatic.

  7. what do u think she’s had done to her body?? 😭or are u referring to photoshop

  8. The test isn’t that accurate. Kibbe’s idea of hourglass isn’t quite the same as what it normally is. Mila Kunis has double curve despite being conventionally pretty straight. It’s really hard to say without seeing you. To answer your question, yes you can have a small bust and be soft natural.

  9. Plaid is geometric so it’s probably better for DC. It also depends on what you wear it with. If there is some yin detail in whatever blouse you are wearing, it might work.

  10. Have you heard of David Kibbe? He has this concept about dressing in harmony with your body. That’s likely what you are seeing. I often feel this way too. Especially with jewelry.

  11. The question is a bit confusing. It says you want flats, but can’t find anything that isn’t a flat. Do you mean comfortable and a little fancier than sneakers?

  12. Really anything that has a less thick sole? I can only find nicer sneakers that have like a big platform or boots with a heel that add at minimum an inch and a half I was trying to find anything that basically had really thin soles so it wouldn’t add so many inches while I’m at work if that makes any sense? I wasn’t sure if there were brands known for having thinner soles?

  13. Xero drop shoe have very thin soles, but not a ton of support. Vivia makes similar shoes as Rothy’s, but there a bit less expensive.

  14. I store most of my weight on hips, thighs, butt area and upper arms. I store least amount of weight on face, chest, ribs, and waist.

  15. Gaining weight primarily below the waist is usually a sing of a Yang type.

  16. Yes, I know that’s why I have DC as a contender right now

  17. A DC will look slightly square like Jackie O or a bit narrow like Megan Fox. The recs for pure classic are still out there if you really can’t decide between the two. So what if kibbe says they don’t exist anymore.

  18. I mean if the internet gaslit you into thinking you’re SN for so long.

  19. These aren’t the best typing photos, but you could maybe be SD.

  20. Thanks for the input! I had never thought about maybe being a soft dramatic. It kind of explains why I gravitate towards certain clothes. When I went wedding dress shopping this year, I kept gravitating towards dresses that were more soft dramatic (I think) than FN. I thought the FN ones looked a little too unstructured on me. Here was one of my favorites; I think it has SD lines (but I could be wrong).

  21. It’s beautiful. There’s also some overlap between FN and SD lines.

  22. A tall ID. My favorite at the moment are high rise straight leg jeans. Bootcut can be awesome if I can find them long enough.

  23. Monochrome doesn’t have to be the exact same shade i.e.; you can wear a light blue top with a navy skirt. Though matching sets are generally a good idea. It also helps to match your shoes. Look for blouses that have some drape. Consider your color season. A white blouse with a black suit might look great on a winter, but look really harsh on an autumn.

  24. Depends on where you plan to wear it. The green one is my favorite. It’s a touch more conservative and very spring/summer party appropriate. The square neckline on the black one is also quite nice. It looks more evening event appropriate and any time you want to look super hot. There may be some venues where the slit is too revealing. The navy dress looks good just not quite as awesome as the other two.

  25. I can’t recall an adult saying that, but kids have. Didn’t really bother me, because they were kids. I also get, “you’re taller than my daddy,” every once in awhile.

  26. High waisted pants/leggings/skirts and matching sets. It doesn’t have to be fancy fabric. Also consider monochrome. Machine washable jumpsuits might work. Just be aware some people don’t like them ‘cause you have to take the whole thing off to go the ladies room.

  27. I wonder if anyone miss typed themselves, because it’s hard to find clothes that fit.

  28. Romantic. I see double curve and she isn’t narrow like a TR.

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