1. I don't care if it was "rehearsed"! I NEED to see more people talking down to Jen like this! She is a disgusting, terrible, narcissist!!!

  2. Her dad is an new level of embarrassing I never thought a grown person with kids could reach.

  3. So, for any tech-illiterate Swifties like myself who want to check their place in queue (using Chrome browser)

  4. Has anyone got the email and not the text yet? It’s been an hour?

  5. Got an email this morning!!! I was never able to go to a show before. Now I can and I'm so excited! Haven't received the text yet.

  6. I recently listened to "This Love (TV)" and really had a new appreciation for the song. It used to be a skip on the original, but now I listen.

  7. I think she's wearing a wig. It just looks different than how her hair normally did at that time. And less blond. It needed to be blonder I think.

  8. Nancy was also cruel and hectoring, and would publicly humiliate people. Mark V said this, Sarah said this - people were probably as scared of her.

  9. The Dear Reader slander here is atrocious. "You should find another guiding light, but I shine so bright." back and forth from clarity to distortion anyone?? Its the perfect conclusion to Midnights?? It calls back to Anti Hero, Bejeweled, WCS (off the top of my head). She's literally saying that we should stop looking at her as a heroine figure because she's flawed and imperfect but also she shines so bright that you cant help but look. The outro is honestly one of the best representations of uncertainty in any in her discography.

  10. It's my favorite song, but I knew it was going to be obliterated in this poll. It's just something we all "Dear Reader" stans have to except.

  11. Because I truly belive most people have disordered eating if not eating disorders and it really skews and screws our minds up looking up to models, actors and other people in the lime light who also have disordered eating/EDs. I have struggles, still do at times, with this myself. I believe in HAES (Health At Every Size) and really wanna see more variety of bodies, shapes and skin tones in this sub. Categorizing body types doesn't have to be about just one kind of person.

  12. Definitely this. I know Red is about Jake and it does sound like they had a very unbalanced, manipulative relationship, but the stuff with JM sounds borderline abusive. Not to claim he WAS, but just from the lyrics from her songs... it sounds like he did a real number on her.

  13. I HIGHLY suggest everyone read Jessica Simpsons memoir if you want to know the details of how abusive and manipulative he could be. She wrote a whole chapter of how horrible he was. It was very much so an abusive relationship. Made me reflect on the abusive relationships i had been in. Can't begin to even imagine how bad he was to Taylor. 😪

  14. I seriously thought that part was a joke and lol!!!🤣

  15. At first I thought FN, but now I'm seeing what some are talking about with SN. And I like the Jane Fonda comparison, who kibbe said was SN. I categorize FN as being able to get abs easily. (idk still learning, but what i have seen from all FNs) Lots of definition in FN abs. and if u look at her bikini pics u can see she doesn't have abs. She's very soft and fleshy in the thighs and arms. No definition in her abs. U can see the horizontal line of her shoulders is very wide. Wider than her hips and bust. My vote is SN.

  16. Unfortunately, there is not very much body diversity among verified celebs, but maybe Octavia Spencer (SG) would be a good resource for you?

  17. I 100% agree with you. And thank you for putting Christina Hendricks where she rightfully belongs as a SD. The amount of people I have seen place her as an R is exhausting! As a Latina R myself I usually can spot one a mile away! And the more representation we have here on this sub I think this community will understand that not everyone is a SN! Lol

  18. She looks like a side chick in a Tyler Perry movie, about to start fucking up everyone’s lives.

  19. I don't know who half these people even are. Icons? I think not!

  20. So what you're saying is a troll was trolling? Ok. Thanks

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