1. Seems that apologies should of been from Dick.

  2. That’s what a normal person would do however guys like that, on both sides of the aisle, have egos large enough to sink an aircraft carrier. It’s just one of many details from that fuckers life that show you who he really is.

  3. Yeah , a Normal person would of been charged with attempted murder & loosing their job & everything but a politician nah… they get away with everything.

  4. “Why don’t you care about kids dying, is your freedom to own a gun more important then the safety of kids?” My reply “yes” cause our government is always a bigger threat. Besides you can insure the safety of children if everyone who believes in gun rights were armed everywhere they went especially teachers & if the individual who committed the crimes & tragedies were never mentioned to anyone, no mention of whom they were what their manifesto was for doing it & a nameless tombstone at their gave & only what is seen in the media are the victims & their stories of life being cut short, but no mention of the criminal who did it. They get ignored that way what they did & why they wasted their life is unknown forever so maybe anyone wanting to repeat it gets the idea that it’s a waste of their life cause nothing gets to be known of them after no fifteen minutes of fame after death as it where for the criminal & if they do survive it they are put to death immediately with no televised trail footage cause everyone already knows they are guilty of the crime. That’s my opinion on how to end this cycle.

  5. And Facebook will say this is false 🤪

  6. The crap that comes out of her mouth, if I had a nickel every time it happened I’d be able to pay off the national debt.

  7. NRA is actually for gun control they even say so in their website crap.

  8. It’s probably a typo, this seems to fit with the 2019 UN data. Not that correlation is necessarily causation, it’s still interesting to note.

  9. But but “correlation is always causation” -every spoiler alertist.

  10. Correlation can be used to help dismiss hypotheses about causation though. Not that this picture in and of itself is very convincing, but the US being behind Finland, Norway, Switzerland, and Russia in mass shooting casualties per capita is pretty good evidence there's something besides guns per capita that fuels them.

  11. The administrative state is the problem Thankyou Woodrow Wilson.

  12. Or bite anyone in the coming zombie apocalypse.

  13. Taxation is theft, so what’s the problem?

  14. Just remember, the more violent the rhetoric becomes, the more justified I feel responding with violence in kind.

  15. Can’t wait for Fauci’s arrest & imprisonment…

  16. With the system being so corrupt it probably won’t be televised… some guy said “Mr. Fauci’s blood will run into the gutter” when they Learn about what he’s done to people.

  17. And they still have shootings going on

  18. Or what will get them the biggest government subsidy. Like running full page ads from the CCP that are in the guise of a news article. Get woke go broke only applies to companies not living on the government tit.

  19. Yeah that government tit is nice till the money is gone says every lobbyist.

  20. Got a truck tool box & it’s locked , lost the key to it. It’s there a way to open it without breaking the tool box?

  21. “Captain Hayden Russel! 29th Ambarino Volunteer Infantry. Do you bring news from General Scollick?”

  22. Yes Limpy Pete & Phil the Crab was captured at the end of town & hung the next day… which seemed harsh to me.

  23. How do we breed this fine free market ? 🥹Got her number ? 🤣

  24. Close the loop! People living paycheck to paycheck pay the taxes or volunteer for service for the wars.

  25. Yuppers & “we fought in all their wars,what was it all for?” -Tom MacDonald song “end of the world”

  26. Do y’all really believe he took the experimental jab? He’s just a salesman always selling and will say whatever he needs to to keep the royalties rolling in.

  27. Yeah I doubt he actually took the jabo

  28. After starting an actual revolution over tea, our culture shifted to coffee just for the hell of it 😂

  29. It was alcohol for breakfast in America 🇺🇸 afterwards then coffee. lol 😂

  30. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 is it wrong I think this is hilarious as F!

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